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½ September 28, 2017
Enjoyable film from WW II about a small mining town in Cornwall, a headless ghost, a mysterious stranger passing through and the mayhem that ensues.
June 4, 2013
no universal horror but still a moody little piece
January 10, 2013
The Mysterious Doctor (Benjamin Stoloff, 1943)

Ultra-prolific potboiler director Stoloff, probably best known for his 1932 adaptation of Destry Rides Again, turned in this war film gussied up like a ghost story towards the end of his career (he would direct five more pictures between now and 1950, then disappear until 1959, when he began to direct episodes to the TV series Home Run Derby; this continued until his death in 1960. Despite the obvious implication of the dates, I can find no information on whether Stoloff was blacklisted.), an interesting, if somewhat predictable, little tale of a tin mine haunted by a headless ghost and a traveler who may not be all he seems.

Dr. Frederick Holmes (Lester Matthews, much-uncredited character actor you might recognize from Now, Voyager or The Far Horizons) wanders out of the mist one night and begs a ride to town from a passing carriage. While he and the driver are on their way, he reveals he's on a walking tour of the area. When he gets to the town, he finds it rather provincial, its inhabitants suspicious of outsiders; there's a war going on, after all, and a parachutist was seen coming down near where the doctor appeared on the moor. They may be right to be suspicious; the doctor may not be all he seems to be...

It's not a bad little movie (and ‚little‚? is the operative word here, with a running time of fifty-seven minutes). Technically, it's quite nicely done, but everything else-- the script, the predictability of the plot, the clumsiness of the big reveal (that requires an ‚ah, Constance, this is how I did it!‚? explanation scene), all contribute to the movie still being a pretty forgettable experience. Still, if you run across it on late-night television or in a dark corner of your video store, it's certainly not a bad way to spend an hour; you could do a great deal worse. ***
½ August 22, 2011
Monday, August 22, 2011

(1943) The Mysterious Doctor

Quite effective moody piece from Warner Brothers, even though the first 30 minutes is conventional about a passerby walking through some misty English village and doubting the villagers warning about a dead headless ghostman who chops peoples heads upon whoever enters an ambandoned cave- so upon going there, he becomes missing as well turning it into a whodunnit with plotholes that woldn't be effective right now compared to back then! A little outdated despite it's running time limit of no more than 57 minutes, the mystery part and the superficial ending which is the reason why I liked this kind of film experience! Has similar styles to "Mark of the Vampire" made in 1935 which also starts off as a horror before turning it into a mystery!

3 out of 4
½ April 8, 2008
Atmospheric Sleepy Hollow-esque horror flick, a little predictable if you are used to the Scooby doo formula (with a twist of murder). Decent performances all around with a strong supporting female character.
April 5, 2008
It's oddly short (about sixty minutes, maybe even less), and it's pretty silly and predictable (from the innkeeper who wears a mask to hide his disfigured face--try to guess if that figures into the plot--to abrupt and speedy lesson on early British mining towns), but it's an alright way to waste an hour.
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