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September 8, 2014
There is plenty of quality action in this film.
September 3, 2014
A couple cool effects
August 17, 2014
I was hopping for better
July 30, 2014
My Rating: 3/5 stars; Grade: B-; Gesture: Thumbs Sideways; Status: Passable (Fresh); Emoticon: :-I.
½ July 16, 2014
The One is plagued by indifferent performances, subpar CGI, and a thoroughly unoriginal plot, resulting in a middling sci-fi actioner with little payoff.
½ June 28, 2014
This Was OK.Not The Best Of A Jet Li Movie.C+
June 5, 2014
Pants-on-head retarded. I don't mind dumb fun, but I couldn't get past the floaty flimsy boring fights and the bewildering soundtrack. Whoever puts Disturbed and Drowning Pool in a movie should be murdered.
April 20, 2014
What could have been a badass action thriller is turned into another crap fest. Thanks James Wong!
March 31, 2014
I found it a very entertaining, absolutely vapid film. Bonus points for the Baguazhang ("good") vs. Xingyiquan ("evil") style distinction.
March 25, 2014
You're about to take a wild ride and Jet Li is driving. Unfortunately, the road is unfinished and the parts that are finished are shoddily made. Oh yeah, and Jason Statham is pushing the car.
½ March 24, 2014
One of Jet Li's good movies out there, yes It's corny, but the sci-fi premises is really quite good. I love parallel universe themes and this film pulls it off nicely. Sadly Jason Staham doesn't show of any fighting skills. Not a quality film, but overall I enjoyed it and would watch it again. So for this being a good action flick with great fighting scenes, I give "The One" a B-.
½ March 13, 2014
Great concept, decent execution, still very entertaining! The critics might hate this movie but I've seen it several times and have always enjoyed it...
½ March 10, 2014
It unabashedly steals from The Matrix, the special effects are crap, the story is simple and unoriginal, and the characters have no relatibillity or emotion.
February 19, 2014
Jet Li undoubtedly delivers his best shot, but he can't save this movie from its irrational plot, constant inconsistencies, shoddy special effects, and a serious absence of fun.
February 16, 2014
The story was terrible; the only redeeming factor of the film was from a martial arts standpoint, the villian used Xing-Yi Quan and the protagonist used Bagua Zhang.
½ February 13, 2014
Well this was a pretty fast paced movie. The storyline is a little confusing at times but overall it's a pretty good movie. The acting wasn't bad but it wasn't good either, nothing is over the top. That brings me to the special effects action scenes which there's A LOT of effects, every fight scene looks incredibly fakish but that's kinda what this film is going for, "over the top" which it very much succeeds with. I haven't seen much Jet Li movies but if they're anything like this one I would really enjoy seeing the rest of them. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge action movie fan. For The One I could easily watch it over and over so yes I would recommend it
February 11, 2014
In an alternate world where there is Bushcare instead of Obamacare, Jet Li is on a mission to kill off all versions of himself in parallel universes so he can be all powerful and be The One. He's on the last one, when he finds a cop who isn't going to give up that easily. He also has Delroy Lindo and Jason Stathem chasing after him as the timecops of sorts. Carla Gugino plays Li's wife and girlfriend in different universes. The technology is incredibly dated and has a few bad cgi spots, but the story is interesting for a while and it is interesting to see Jet Li fight...Jet Li. Stathem sadly doesn't do much in this. I always seem to remember the final fight in the factory between Li's with everything blowing up and smoking. One of Li's better US movies.
½ January 20, 2014
Good Jet Li needs to defeat Evil Jet Li and Other Jet Li's in order to become the best Jet Li.

This is the greatest idea for a movie ever conjured.

No but seriously, let me start this off by saying this movie is stupid, and it's an obvious ripoff of Highlander and The Matrix, but it's a special kind of stupid, it's so stupid it's awesome, the movie is so bad it's fantastic.

This movie isn't the best edited, nor the best shot, but it has some of the most quotable scenes in movie history, one in particular you might have already heard about a few times.

Jet Li's The One can be considered a horrible movie (and I can see why), I do wish I had seen actual martial arts done by Jet Li, but the stupid cheesy rock songs that pop out when an action scene starts and the concept wins me over.
½ December 31, 2013
This movie has a really fun and interesting premise. Jet Li is outstanding in the film. If you are a fan of Li's then you must check this one out. The special effects are bad at times, they come across as cheesy. However the action sequences make up for it.
½ November 4, 2013
this has horrible reviews but I thought it was decent
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