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½ January 20, 2014
Good Jet Li needs to defeat Evil Jet Li and Other Jet Li's in order to become the best Jet Li.

This is the greatest idea for a movie ever conjured.

No but seriously, let me start this off by saying this movie is stupid, and it's an obvious ripoff of Highlander and The Matrix, but it's a special kind of stupid, it's so stupid it's awesome, the movie is so bad it's fantastic.

This movie isn't the best edited, nor the best shot, but it has some of the most quotable scenes in movie history, one in particular you might have already heard about a few times.

Jet Li's The One can be considered a horrible movie (and I can see why), I do wish I had seen actual martial arts done by Jet Li, but the stupid cheesy rock songs that pop out when an action scene starts and the concept wins me over.
½ December 31, 2013
This movie has a really fun and interesting premise. Jet Li is outstanding in the film. If you are a fan of Li's then you must check this one out. The special effects are bad at times, they come across as cheesy. However the action sequences make up for it.
½ November 4, 2013
this has horrible reviews but I thought it was decent
November 4, 2013
Jet Li, Jason Statham, Carla Gugino, and Delroy Lindo have done better, so why did they waste their time? Cool premise, but lame overdone execution hurts the interesting & mind-bending plot
October 23, 2013
boring and predictable
October 22, 2013
It's far better than War.
September 28, 2013
Let's see: Jet Li vs. Jet Li in multiple universes (though we only see two); not as thrilling as you'd expect. The characters, Gabe Law vs. Gabriel Yulaw, know each others moves (because you know, they are the same person from different universes) and it is not that exciting. Silly sci-fi concept that works for the fight scenes when Yulaw is taking on others. Nothing special, though Carla Gugino is drop dead gorgeous in all universes.
September 21, 2013
The story is set in the near future where a technology named quantum tunneling has been invented to travel through parallel universes. The abuse of this ability by criminal elements has led to the formation of the Multi-Verse Authorities, an agency of quantum traveling cops who apprehend violators of inter-dimensional laws. Former agent Gabriel Yulaw played by Jet Li goes rogue murdering his own kind in every universe and becoming more and more powerful but the final Gabriel Yulaw also played by Jet Li who remains in our universe and is living with his wife played by Carla Gugino is still remained to be dead and he won't allow that as he is also becoming stronger. Hot on the trail of the evil Yulaw, are former partner Harry Roedecker played by Delroy Lindo and Evan Funsch played by Jason Statham. The two Gabriel Yulaws must fight to see who can become THE ONE! The movie was a brilliant creative story but yes, I had the same problems that everyone else had. 1. It borrows elements from other science-fiction movies like The Matrix and by doing this, this film is not a tribute/homage nor a parody/spoof and 2. Jet Li's martial arts abilities and the storyline is overshadowed by the editing and special effects. The One (2001) gets a 6.5/10.
September 4, 2013
Aprovechando que volví a ver este filme, hago mi review. "The One" es fácilmente la mejor alumna salida de la escuela dada por "The Matrix", pero que tristemente mucha gente no conoce, no la ha visto o no la valora como tal. Para cuando Jet Li hizo este filme ya era una gran estrella en China pero este fue su debut en America y para mí lo hizo como los grandes, además logra tener a James Wong de director, el cual no solo tuvo una carrera importante en la producción de The X-Files sino que además fue director de Final Destination 1 y 3, que de hecho en un momento de este filme se vé por unos segundo en un televisor una escena de esta saga. Además el filme tiene el garbo de no solo introducir a Jet Li, sino también a Jason Statham que en ese momento todavía era un desconocido, además del apoyo del actor Delroy Lindo, y por supuesto la espectacularidad de la belleza de Carla Gugino. Todo esto, con un despliegue de efectos especiales que en ese momento fueron espectaculares, y lo siguen siendo, ya que el gran cuidado que se le dio sigue manteniendo a la altura esta excelente película que combina ciencia ficción con acción de peleas. Y por supuesto, Jet Li se enfrenta al villano más formidable que pudieron encontrar... el mismo. Si todavía no han visto este filme, no lo piensen mucho y véanlo. Altamente recomendada.
August 18, 2013
Really terrible 'Matrix' wannabe.
½ August 18, 2013
Borrows a lot from The Matrix, but not quite a complete copy. Yet the movie did not hold up to me. 5/10.
August 18, 2013
I found the movie to be more futuristic and action packed a good cast I liked everrything about it
½ August 13, 2013
Not bad, not good. If you want action, old CGI and Jason Statham with hair, this is the movie you need.
August 2, 2013
One of Jet Li's worst.
½ July 11, 2013
Pretty cool film and although not the best film Li and Statham have done together it was still entertaining. Jet Li plays a guy who discovers if he goes to different universes and kills the version of himself that lives in that moment he becomes more powerful. Farfetched I know but there are some pretty sweet action scenes especially the end fight between good Li and bad Li.
June 14, 2013
corny, but worth seeing once.
½ June 4, 2013
great concept, shitty execution.
May 31, 2013
Is it murder or suicide to kill yourself in another universe and combine yourselves into one? Very interesting movie idea just not played out as well as it could have been.
½ May 28, 2013
hopefuly jet li's worste movie
May 18, 2013
Its very cheesy, campy, but Its very enjoyable film that doesn't take itself seriously
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