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March 27, 2009
a historical movie about Queen Anne of the Thousand Days....
February 28, 2009
I am intrigued to see if this version is betterthan the Hollywood version..
½ February 4, 2009
I was quite sceptical about this movie, but still I wanted to see it. It's a decent movie. Story is quite good. Scarlett, Natalie and Eric does their roles well. I probably would've liked it more if back cover of the dvd didn't reveal so much about plot.
January 28, 2009
loved it , it's the beginning of Elizbeth
½ January 11, 2009
This is the TV adaptation of the book. This TV movie is all in all a better version of the book. One of its strengths is that it's a better told movie than the Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johansson starrer. This is also shot differently, in a more cinema verite, handheld style which makes it more of a voyeuristic experience...I also like the devise that they use where the sisters talk directly to the camera on some sort of a confessional...
½ November 25, 2008
Reasonable in a low key, low budget way. With its low key approach I thought that you could relate to the characters better. Made a change from the way historical films are normally shot. Quite a lot of well known British actors in it.
October 15, 2008
Being a huge fan of historical movies, I found this to be total crap !!! Totally f*cks up history, bending the truth more than just a bit. Don't do what I did and mistake it for the 2006 movie of the same title. Although, being based on a novel, I do expect it is supposed to be fiction. Total mince !!!!
Super Reviewer
½ October 10, 2008
In terms of accuracy to the original plot of the novel, this version is much better than the recent film. Events are trucated too, but there are few if any continuity errors and all loose ends are tied up.
However, this version is quite low budget - resulting in sets and props that look quite rural and too plain for wealthy homes of the period, as Tudor nobility were rather into showing off their wealth. So the two have their different strengths and weaknesses. If you want a version that sticks more to the novel, this one is for you. If however you want a sense of the wealth and glamour of the royal court, the 2008 version is better.
½ September 7, 2008
This is the other Other Boleyn Girl, the one that was made before the one that everyone knows.
August 13, 2008
Not as good as the book but some excellent acting by a great cast. Bad budget though compared to the Hollywood version.
July 18, 2008
Esta es la versión inglesa, la que recomiendo. Salió una nueva con Scarlet Y Natalie Portman, o sea, prefiero las fuentes, los diálogos y la imperfección.
½ July 17, 2008
Pedestrian BBC improv that could have been more polished than the remake.
July 17, 2008
Same story but a different approach from the 2007 version. While the latter is visually appealing, the former's dialogue is superior, which goes a long way to explaining the motives and actions of the principals better.
July 14, 2008
A BBC production with the quality that it is always expected.

Far more historically accurate that the HOLLYWOOD recent Movie. With no greatest pretentions, reaching to catch the attention at the first scene.

Chapeau!!!! British productions got a quality that Hollywood is missing.
July 13, 2008
The more superior version
June 29, 2008
The book was SOOOOOO much better. I didn't care for the movie at all
June 29, 2008
uugh it felt cheap, as a fan of the book I was horribly disappointed, miscast in many parts.
June 25, 2008
June 10, 2008
j'embrasse sur la joue celui qui me dira dans quel club vidéo je pourrais louer ce petit bijou de film
½ June 8, 2008
Unlike the more flashier Hollywood adaptation of the "Bullen" sisters, the budget and production value is quite low. The movie does not delve much into historical details at all. In fact, it pretty much feels like being given a brief synopsis of what happened between the Boleyn sisters and their common affection for King Henry VIII. The plot refrains from giving off much background information, or even characterization details. So, for those who are expecting court intrigue or corset soap opera with elaborate costumes and painstakingly constructed sets -- this is not the movie. The oftentimes "shaky cam" thing coupled with the interview-styled narration gave it an almost home video feel.
With all the glaringly deficient artwork and scripting being mentioned, I have to say what I thought was the biggest achievement of the movie (and perhaps the intention all along?). I thought the performances were brilliant, especially by Natascha McElhone and Jodhi May. While the former makes you sympathize with the more compassionate, naive and wronged Mary Boleyn, the latter mastered embodying both the bitchy aspects of the ambitious Anne as well as the agony and desperation of her last few years. The love-hate relationship between the sisters was played so well by the two actresses. The nuances in their expressions, the tension between them -- all seem to say more about the entire "love triangle" than the movie could have possibly shown. These two alone redeems the movie.
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