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The Pirates and the Prince (Star Wars Animated Adventures: Droids) Reviews

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½ January 5, 2015
Giving three and a half stars just because this bring back fond memories of watching the Star Wars Droids/Ewoks Adventure hour animated series on ABC television on Saturday morning during the mid 1980s. Short lived but sweet fun.
August 24, 2013
Don't know if I've seen every episode of this show, but I absolutely loved it as a kid.
May 12, 2013
It's not The Clone Wars by any stretch of the imagination, but Star Wars: Droids is a fun, colorful, vintage addition to the Star Wars canon. The four episodes that are edited to comprise the feature-length film The Pirates and the Prince are some of the best from the series and feature several new and memorable characters and places. However, R2-D2 and C-3PO are always the center of attention and it's cool to see what these two lovable droids were up to between Episodes III and IV.
October 2, 2010
"R2-D2 and C-3PO adventures before they met Luke Skywalker for the first time-ever are somethin' worth and entertain to see!"
½ June 3, 2010
Droids is what one would call an inferior product by todays' animation standards, certaingly, in animation, it does'nt hold up very well, and the emphisis on a Laurel and Hardy approach to the product can naussiate anyone enthralled with the small, yet epic, Clone Wars mini-segments that have earned it the name of the definitive Star Wars cartoon.

But a fair shake is given to Droids, and it's predeccesor Ewoks, both handled with a great deal of care and attention in terms of STORYLINES, rather than animation.

This DVD contains two episodes of the Droids series that aired alongside Ewoks in the 1980's, whilst Ewoks made a habit of creating it's own specific cast of villains, Droids relys on the time tested use of The Empire, as well as surpise apperances from Boba Fett, as C-3PO and R2-D2 travel across the galaxy, switching from owner to owner every few episodes to give you a semblence of expansion and continunity, whilst the choices here are self-contained, they feature distinct aspects of a continuning story.

Whilst the animation is distinctly dodgy, and the Imperial Stormtroopers are immseurably flawed, the charming, familiar, comedic antics of Threepio and Artoo, plus the use of fascinating new creatures and planets, should prompt any major Star Wars fan to buy it out of curisiotiy, and hope a definitive box set release opens blind eyes to how grat the series was overall.
½ August 30, 2008
This is quite good, actually, much better than the Ewoks animated series.
October 16, 2007
Droids the TV series, as cut into a movie.
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