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August 14, 2016
The Police live in Argentina an amazing experience !
½ August 18, 2011
Well, I'm a HUGE fan, but didn't have high hopes for this.. A friend of mine saw them at Bonarroo, and said they were awful..After seeing a few Youtube clips of the patheticness of Van Halen, and Genesis, I didn't want to ruin the legacy of one of my other favorite bands... However; It's been a couple of years since it's release, and the price went down to less than $10 on Ebay, so I got it.. I can't iterate how pleasantly surprised I am! Yes, a few of the songs are slower, but if you focus your attention to the drumming, and how ucharacteristically WILD Andy's guitar playing is, there is no loss of energy, and the relaxed tempos actually sound unilaterally superior in terms of groove, and musicality- Same goes for Sting's bringing some of those wailing top notes down; granted, he may not be able to hit those notes all night, but I always found that range grating after a few lines (thankfully, they didn't even bother with Man In A Suitcase!).. Sting's ripping the bass up during the jams more than ever, and the re-arragnements (particularly Walking On The Moon, Walking In Your Footsteps, and Wrapped Around Your Finger!) are excellent.. The documentary is great too, but I would really have felt showing at least ONE of the inevitable meltdowns would have been a bit more honest- It's no secret that they grate on each other, so showing a bit more of the friction would only have added to the magic!
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