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December 15, 2015
Slow buildup of the movie but the message is quite clear towards the mid to end. Good acting by the actor. Paul Newman is a Captain serving war in Korea. He was held as POW and return home. His father Walter Pidgeon is Colonel and sister in law Anne Francis await him home. Undergoing psychological, he appears not fine. Soon Paul is charge by a Colonel for collaborating with the enemy. Walter is furious and cannot accept this from his son a war hero. At the court hearing, we get to see the 2 sides of the story. Lee Marvin is another Captain held in the same POW camp. And few other soldiers testify that Paul give a speech to the soldiers trying to say the communist are good. Lee was tortured badly when he and 2 others are caught for trying to escape. But he never give in. Wendell Corey is the defense lawyer for Paul. During their turn, Paul says he was in the POW officers hut. He sneak out to see the soldier boys all turning restless and dejected. When he try to smack some sense into a dying soldier, the baddies isolate him in a wet and dark cell. He was tortured in mental and psychological worse than physical. The baddies ask him to write about himself. One day he receive a letter from Walter and got to know his brother also serving war is dead. At that point Paul couldn't take it anymore and the baddies offer him better treatment if he is willing to work with them. That's why he give speeches to the soldiers but added with his sarcasm. He is force to sign a paper that said he expose the escape plan of Lee. But he was held in isolation all this time so he wouldn't have know. The prosecutor say he may not reach his limit. In the defense, its during this era whereby the baddies have done survey on American soldiers and come to conclusion they are weak minded and give up rather quickly. Asking Paul to write about himself give them the key to attack his weakness. Paul is guilty of the charges.
September 24, 2015
Not too long after this movie was released my buddy and I watched it at the local drive-in solely because of Paul Newman. At 16 or so years old, we hated it.

But I saw it again on TV in my seventies and found it be one of the best courtroom dramas ever and and of the psychology of a POW, in this case in Korea. So insightful on this subject, it could have written today. Wise up and catch it next time around.
½ November 18, 2013
paul newman is the only reason to catch this war drama
April 28, 2012
Good, but not great. Plot was set up well, but the ending was quite weak and felt contrived.

Great performance from Paul Newman (but, then again, he only does great performances). Solid support from Anne Francis.
½ June 13, 2011
caught most of this war/courtroom drama on AMC during an early-morning newborn wakeup. interesting enough to keep me watching and mostly awake despite the lack of "action," and I enjoyed the actors, but one viewing was enough. (to be fair, I did miss a fair bit of the beginning and managed to fall asleep right before the end, so I ended up wiki-ing the verdict.)
October 29, 2010
Interesting premise but the story falls flat. After a promising start, this movie sinks into overlong courtroom scenes that take up a large chunk of the film. The acting is great, but they don't have a great stage to work with. Newman is great, however, in one of his early roles. And it also features the great Lee Marvin.

Decent view if your a fan of Newman, but otherwise avoid.
½ April 8, 2009
Paul Newmans second film (but released after Somebody Up There Likes Me) demonstrates that, even then, he was the truly finest screen performer around -unlike Brando and Clift and Dean- he is less self-centered; in other words a sharing actor. This puts the SCENE in focus more than the performance, and in this extremely underrated (and almost forgotten) courtroom drama you have one of the best scenes I have ever come across - a simple dialogue between Newman and his father, played by Walter Pidgeon (who gives one of HIS best performances here). Courtroom dramas, especially American ones, almost always work. This one is not just a black and white confrontation. There are many cadences and moral issues raised -sometimes one wishes it could have gone even further- but otherwise the screenplay (based on a teleplay) is taut, careful and intriguing. So are the characters: Wendell Corey and Edmond O Brien as defence and prosecuting counsel respectively are particularly noteworthy, and utterly believable.
This film deserves to be better known!
½ October 19, 2008
Heavy-handed, but Newman's amazing.
½ October 16, 2008
good first movie even though it was released second, Newman did this movie first shows alot of promise
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