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½ May 20, 2018
I enjoyed the movie! the tv has it rated 3 stars.
i gave it another half a star.
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October 30, 2013
Good drama with a bit of mystery thrown in. It hard to say what's more beautiful in this movie the locations, which are breathtaking or Lee Remick and Alan Bates both at the peak of their individual attractiveness who are equally stunning. They offer the best performances doing an uncertain dance around each other never sure of the others motives. Laurence Harvey is his usual squirrely pompous self but that fits the role. Well known to be an abrasive, selfish, uncooperative and egotistical jerk behind the scenes Harvey apparently was incredibly difficult on this shoot to the point where Lee Remick refused to discuss the problems but was quoted as saying "The tales I can tell of working with him are too horrendous to repeat." Not a classic Reed film but he guides the film well although apparently his confidence had been shaken by exiting another troubled production the Marlon Brando Mutiny on the Bounty just prior to this.
March 18, 2008
Well played. High quality plot. Great scenery.
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