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January 15, 2014
Made for TV movie. Jennifer Ehle is a supporting actor.
November 15, 2013
Sad. Cancer usually is.
May 26, 2012
Amber Tamblyn is underrated, she is a brilliant actress.
½ March 21, 2011
Beware you need the tissues here, really good

Sarah Russell's (Amber Tamblyn) rare visit from Chicago to her small hometown is a welcome surprise to her parents, her 21-year-old brother, Daniel (Daniel Clark), and her former boyfriend, Evan (Paul Wesley). None of them know the true reason for her homecoming, which she decides to withhold from them after an old conflict resurfaces during an uncomfortable encounter with Lorraine Morrisey, who lives across the street from the Russells with her husband, Howard, and two teen-aged boys (Ben Lewis, Max Morrow).
Sarah's sudden presence has a debilitating effect on Lorraine, who rebuffs Sarah's attempts to make amends. However, Sarah musters the courage to keep trying, knowing that she must finally deal with her past as a means of being able to face her future. It takes time for Lorraine to put the past behind her and to grasp that forgiving Sarah will not only ease Sarah's burden but also her own.
½ November 6, 2010
Seriously, Anyone Who Reckons This Is Good?? This Was Absolute Crud!! No Way Would You Stay That Healthy Looking After Being Diagnosed With Such An Aggressive Form Of Cancer! Sopppy Rubbish..Ugh.
September 11, 2010
It's a sad story, but not the kind that'll make you weep through the whole movie. If I have to describe it in one word it'll be : sentimental.
June 5, 2010
not bad for Amber Tamblyn
its pretty sentimental and emotional
and gosh, the pressure of dealing with a past travesty while living with something eating away inside you
the film gets a little too sappy at times however
but I guess since this is a TV movie thats what its going for
acting was fair, dialogue was fair, the story, well got kinda anitclimatic towards the end
could have been better but it did ok
April 24, 2010
Wow, a made for TV movie that is actually good! Wonderful acting and a superb story that keeps when completely enthralled. It is sad but great.
April 3, 2010
Paul Wesley= my kind of film!
½ March 15, 2010
One of 'the sisterhood of traveling pants' had a main role,, my fave quote in this movie is "When I frustrated, I pushed away my family too... but I glad they were still there when I got my sense back"....... dari awal nonton udah binung ni pelem sebenernya ttg apaan se,,, ewh.. tp ttp ditonton ampe abis jg,, :p yah,, 1.5 stars dech...
February 26, 2010
One of the best Hall Mark Hall Of Fame Movies that I have seen . A girl returns home after finding out some tough news and to mend bridges with those she has caused heart break too . Along the way , she finds peace through the heart break she has caused as well as in the difficult news she had received . Ladies , it is one of those movies that you want to have the tissues with you .
½ February 22, 2010
pleasantly surprised!
February 7, 2010
i love paul wesley......if you would be the vampire..i let you bite me and be like you. hahhaha
February 7, 2010
For a Lifetime-esque movie this was your typical movie about the power of forgiveness and overcoming conflict. Not the best in the world but with what the script called for and the material the actors were given they did their best. Somewhat sad, somewhat predictable, somewhat sappy and somewhat corny. The film was kinda slow and the ending was a copout but this was about as good as any other film in its genre.
January 17, 2010
Amber Tamblyn is how I picture an actress. A rebel, something new, something fresh. This movie convinced me of her greatness.
December 22, 2009
Amazing story. As former child carer I really felt for Sarah. The tension and emotion very amazing set and kept up through out the movie. I enjoyed it overall
August 17, 2009
What happened to my box of kleenex? OH YEAH! It's empty!
Perfect, just what i needed, cry more.
Beautiful and sad movie, the acting were really great, I love Amber, and i think this movie is really touching, typicall Hallmark.
Jennifer Ehle, oh my god, srsly such a great actress, and she looks soooo much to Meryl Streep, is incredible.
July 10, 2009
Eh, a história demoooora pra se desenvolver, mas no fim até que gostei.
½ May 8, 2009
That Russell Girl is a down to earth movie about forgiveness,grief and guilt. A young girl called Sarah (Amber Tamblyn) discovers she has leukemia and goes home to her family. Once at home its not easy for her because her family are very excited because Sarahs just been accepted at medical school and also Sarah has to face her past which is not an easy one so she does not tell anyone she is ill.

This movie is quite slow but that just adds to its real feel and it deals with human tradedy very well. Whilst watching this movie i felt for all the characters and understood why they were the way they were.

Reminded me of Candles on Bay Street.
½ April 19, 2009
A painful tragedy but triumphant in its delivery; the acting is a credit to the tremendous tale, and the music is a worthy counterpart. Simply missing a commercial flair to broaden its appeal, this is a subtle but exquisite film.
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