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½ October 4, 2013
A spoiled princess demands her prince suitor retrieve the enchanted singing ringing tree for her, but a mischievous dwarf has other ideas for the pair. This inventive, theatrical fairy tale from Germany features lush colorful sets and costumes, and makes the most of its cheap special effects budget; even the stuff that goes wrong (like the nightmarishly creepy giant mechanical goldfish) somehow just adds to the magical atmosphere.
December 25, 2009
OMG!!! This movie ROCKS! It's sooo ridiculous and trippy! You haven't lived until you've seen a fairy tale from a Socialist perspective a la the state run East German film company DEFA.
December 2, 2008
watching it now i almost spent a day rofling
an evil dwarf classical
August 15, 2008
An evil dwarf, a giant goldfish, a horse with antlers, and other surreal east german nightmare stuff for 2 year olds and up.
February 18, 2008
this movie introduced me to nightmares as a child, but it is a true terrible thrilling fairy tale. watch it if you haven't
January 1, 2008
November 3, 2007
Who can ever forget the prince who gets turned into a bear, the spiteful princess and the evil dwarf? Brilliant.
November 1, 2007
Totaalikajahtanut saksalaissatuleffa jota parodioidaan mukavan friikisti Fast Showssa. Karhupuku on hysteerinen, kuten moni muukin yksityiskohta. Juomapelin saa aikaiseksi ottamalla huikan aina kun leffan nimi mainitaan.
½ October 26, 2007
Those warped minds at BBC acquisition in the 60s have a lot to answer for - my head was bent out of shape by this for ever more.
August 27, 2007
Those who saw this film when they were children will never forget it.Just got the DVD of it and it's still bloody nightmarish. Always been a bit suspicious about dwarfs ever since, and baggy old bear costumes !!
August 19, 2007
I saw this on television in Europe. Just great.
½ July 12, 2007
Just discovered this again after many years not knowing what it was called. It had a profound effect on me when - as a wee small thing - I saw it on the teli. Scary though and somehow - haunting
June 13, 2007
This movie profoundly affected my childhood view of what defines a) ugly and b) scary. The princess becomes "ugly" when she gets dark hair and beautiful when she is blonde with a turned up nose. The dwarf is at his scariest when he appears from out of the rocks. The prince/bear is a dork. The giant goldfish an early metaphor for the endangered planet. With propaganda like this at an early age, however did the East German regime collapse? Do not inflict it on your kids (as the BBC did in Tales from Europe) unless you want them all to grow up jumpier than Woody Allen on proplus.
½ June 4, 2007
the problem is this movie doesn't come subtitled it comes with a drab narrator who speaks over the actors russian.
½ June 3, 2007
Bit mental, and colourful, but really gets into the spirit of what fairytales are meant to be about. A random 50s German classic.
May 20, 2007
If you ever get hold of this then watch it. Some of the effects still stand up all these years on and the story's as poignant as ever.
April 10, 2007
Cracking German nonsense!
January 1, 2007
A lot better than i thought it would be, although cheesyand by modern standards would be called duff. A well done German take on a Brothers Grimm tale.
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