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May 19, 2012
An all star cast are put together for this original take on agatha christie's novel, that leaves us guessing throughout. Each and every character comes under suspicion as pretty much all have the means and motive to be the hapless victims murderer, and the only thing predictable about this is who the victim is destined to be once their name is spelt out during a seance. With such a celebrity line up, there are no preconceptions about which starlet will land the main role as killer and which nobody is bound to get bumped off immediately, which literally means that it could be anyone. The ending which has been rewritten in this particular production could not have been guessed up until the point when it was finally revealed, which makes the climax all the more entertaining when we are able to retrace the steps of our ingenious killer. The only confusing element was that following the explanation, the deceased then appeared to be alive again in the very final shot of the film, which was left totally unexplained. Despite this, it's definitely one of the better whodunnit's I've seen for a while, and could even outdo my beloved midsomer murders.
April 24, 2011
It's hard to remember it now but to the best of my memory I believe it was a cute cozy mystery film, a genre unfortunately rare in the movies.

June 1, 2008
If you're as obsessed with Agatha Christie as I am, you'll enjoy this classic "suspicious characters stuck in a snowstorm" story.
May 9, 2008
A very entertaining and intriguing bit of mystery, with a wonderful setting and pacing. The actors are very good throughout, each suiting their roles perfectly. The only real downside is the truly groan-worthy "twist" ending, which is rather pulled out of arse and directed very poorly to the point of comical rather than shocking.
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