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January 12, 2015
Average sexploitation fare, though I suppose the 3-D is something of an interesting gimmick. The best part of ti for me was watching some fo the special features, in which a lot of the guys involved in making it speak as if they were reinventing the wheel with a titty movie, whereas the ladies are all like, "Yeah, it was a movie I was in."

June 4, 2012
‚~Stewardesses‚(TM) is an adult 3D movie which follows a group of stewardesses around Los Angeles after their flight gets in from Hawaii. There isn‚(TM)t really a story worth mentioning, just the usual few events stringing together the mildly explicit sex scenes characteristic of pornography. The 3D is not the modern 3D of Avatar and the like but the old 1950s style 3D with the red and blue glasses so the film looks washed out and black and white even though it depicts a swinging sixties world of cocktails, acid tripping and jet age plane travel. The director didn‚(TM)t make very creative use of the 3D either, with only a pool hall scene of head-on pool cues being at all memorable. This is definitely a time capsule, with easy listening music on the soundtrack and a stereotypical portrayal of interchangeable, sexually-liberated flight attendants and it has an interesting production history as detailed in its Wikipedia article but there‚(TM)s too little style, plot, and character for this to be anything more than a curio.
½ October 2, 2011
Sure it was slow. Sure the sex scenes were "modest". Sure the plot wasn't very engaging.
None of that matters when you're watching the world's first 3D sex film!
From the new girl getting her "orientation", to the chick high on something screwing a lamp, to the oblivious woman being felt up by her lesbian friend, this movie was a laugh riot.
Watching with friends is a must!
January 26, 2011
This movie is cheap! It has it all: Bad acting, directing, and script!!
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