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½ January 1, 2014
total trashing of source material (jack kerouac) and a perfect example of the death of golden age of hollywood this pic is aweful and i'm being kind
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March 19, 2011
i just finished reading jack keoruac's subterraneans last month during my chinese new year holidays. i was kinda surprised but also not too surprised that the 60s movie adaptation chose to shun away from controversy by replacing the black woman role, mardou fox, whom the writer romances in the novel, with a french girl. actually subterraneans is a self-referential novel of jack kerouac's interracial romance in 1950s san franscisco, but the movie selects george peppard, the dude who kisses audrey hepburn in the rain, as kerouac's fictional alter-ego. imagine, a pleasant-faced george peppard steps into kerouac's shoes. how "apt" that would be. (sarcasm)

my feelings about reading this novel could be summed up in one setence: it must be very un-fortunate to be in love with jack kerouac. or put in an even shorter sentence: don't fall for kerouac, he could be an asshole. (ha)

but i must say, kerouac has an unique way to write, improvised and freewheeling, just like jazz in written words. style over substance could be the phrase to describe it since the whole story is not about some meaningful enlightenment of life or anything great but a hipster's narcissistic romantic fantasy to date a black woman. come on, he admits himself that he wants to date her just because she's black and the idea of screwing a black woman kind of turns him on. then after getting into the woman's pants, he starts to think about how his mother or his family kins won't accept her existence, blah blah blah...and he still lives with his mother and sometimes takes allowance from her in his grown age meanwhile he goes around san franscisco partying and hanging out with other narcissistic fellows who are just like him. how nice it must be to be jack kerouac, and how unlucky it must be to be in a lationship with him.
August 30, 2009
Gotta take the time. The once great now deceased unfortunately Janice Rule giving of herself her talent toward the audience pleasure.
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