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Wish List: 14 Directors and the Video Games They Should Adapt

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It's been almost 20 years of middling movies, but that hasn't stopped video game adaptations from attracting big names. Peter Jackson (Halo). Gore Verbinski (Bioshock). Michael Bay (Prince of Persia). As the E3 expo bombards us this week with new games, new technologies, and new dimensions (highlighting the diminishing differences between gaming and cinema), we present 14 iconic directors and the games they'd be adept at pulling out of your TV and plastering onto the big screen. Contra A film by John McTiernan The game: Awesome weapons, rockin' soundtrack, brutal difficulty. Konami code mandatory. If you weren't saving the princess, you were probably addicted to Contra. Why McTiernan? John McTiernan. The man behind Die Hard and Preadtor. Also the man who recently served time behind bars for conspiring with Anthony Pellicano. McTiernan needs a comeback project bad. Enter Contra. It's about bad guys getting wasted and big explosions in the jungle, inside laboratories, up waterfalls, and at the dark heart of an alien lair. Exactly the red-blooded, destroy-all-monsters freak show McTiernan (and cinema!) needs these days.Back to Article