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December 20, 2015
Hilarious for an animation made in the 30s
June 22, 2014
The characters are not particularly well developed and the narrative feels a bit episodic in the first half, but The Tale of the Fox has astonishing technical aspects - the soundtrack is solid, the art direction and set design are splendid and the animation is advanced; the story is also very involving, the slapstick quite good and even though it hasn't aged quite as well as that year's other classic animated film Snow White, it still holds up pretty well and is a hidden gem from the early days of feature animation.
½ May 28, 2014
Really well done for one of the first animated movies ever. Not only is the animation as well as the puppets awesome but the story is also feels very classic like old fairy tales. This movie is highly recommended for anybody in the field of stop motion
May 3, 2014
What a joyful stop motion pictures.Notorious Fox,Greedy Lion King,A Romantic Cat that can sing with a guitar and catch the Lion queen's attention, some likeable dancing sequence and witty war strategy.I'm wondering this inspired Disney to make animal version of "Robin Hood".
March 28, 2014
A shockingly brilliant film in animation history despite its old age. Stunning technique.
March 8, 2014
A very clever/strange warmly sound French Stop Motion film a about a devious fox in an Animal Kingdom.

This particular fox had an incredible ability to mislead & trick people & that eventually gets him in front of the King in hot water.

The animation is so emasculate for 1930 but it's in many ways bizarre imagery. A must see for any French Film Enthusiasts.
December 31, 2013
Spectacular early animation with impressive and innovative puppet animation telling the adventures and misadventures of a proverbially sly fox who, in order to live quietly and peacefully with his family, rebels and makes enemies of the whole animal kingdom. Very entertaining and strikingly modern if one considers that it was made in 1930.
½ February 12, 2012
Lovely witty early stop-motion animation.
November 30, 2010
A forgotten treasure from France. The 2nd animation to ever use stop-motion puppets. The animation is jerky, but for it's time it's incredibly smooth animation. It's great seeing the wolf is not an evil character like they're often wrongly portrayed. This is a facinating and beautiful masterpeice that deserves more fame. A real piece of animation history.
½ January 31, 2010
"All I have to say is, him coming out on top as a hero at the end is a little wrong when you remember that amongst the pointless-mean-trickery...he *Murdered a [chicken] woman with children*. That's kinda f-ed up. This movie was beautifully made and I really liked parts of it, but even knowing that Reynard was a jerk in the fables, it's hard to relate to him on film as a villain that comes out on top. But dang, this looked great."

So, that's what I said, after I saw this movie the first time. And I'm assuming a lot of other people could say the same thing. Reynard's not really the usual type of hero. He takes 'anti-hero' to a whole new level for something expected to be a children's film. But if you view the film as a whole, it really does work. The film values the cunning and wit of it's main character higher than anything else, with the moral being essentially "use your dang brain" more than anything else. Reynard still doesn't become very likable under that definition unless your definition of 'lovable-rouge' normally extends to attempted/successful murder, but if you accept this as a morality tale, with the characters representing intelligence more than anything else, you can start to root for Reynard a bit as he outwits the increasingly ignorant animals in the town.

The film looks beautiful and the animation is absolutely fantastic especially for when it was made (This is also the film that inspired Fantastic Mr. Fox's visual style, so you can spot the visual homages).

So yeah, if you get the chance, give it a try
December 1, 2009
It's not so much one tale as a bunch of short tales strung together to make a feature. This was in fact the only feature from Starewicz, the early master of stop-motion animation. Very episodic but extremely clever, and a remarkable technical achievement that set the bar for stop-motion for many years. It's also rather cynical, showing how the devious, cheating fox always manages to get out of every situation and never loses his control over all the other animals. Very unjustly overlooked. Hopefully the homage paid to it by the recent Fantastic Mr. Fox (it owes an awful lot to Starewicz) will get more people to notice this one, but somehow I doubt this will get the recognition it deserves.
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