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October 20, 2016
Fun made for TV WW2 fick!
½ October 27, 2010
Rather average, slow paced WWII tale of daring daylight bombing of Germany. Good combat footage however toward the end of the film. Great crash landing near the end too.

Original Release Date: May 2, 1969

A U.S. Air Force colonel (Christopher George) convinces the Alies during World War II that a daylight bombing raid of Germany will bring a quick end to the war. No one of authority really wanted to believe a daylight bombing would succeed (but it does).

Christopher George never really made a hit with me in anything he made for some reason, so the film suffered proportionately. He had some villain roles on TV westerns and other movies. Maybe that is why. Note that Gavin McCloud of TV's Love Boat plays a bit role as a mechanic.

Typical scenes of older generals surrounding a map room at the end. Never quite saw a thousand planes however, maybe a dozen at a time.

Christopher George (US Airforce colonel is lead actor)
Laraine Stephens
J.D. Cannon
Gary Marshall
Ben Murphy
Gavin MacLeod (went on to make captain of TV's The Love Boat)

Cinematographer: William W. Spencer
Art Director: Harold Michelson
Composer: James Haskell
Director: Boris Sagal
Editor: Jodie Copelan
Producer: Lewis J. Rachmil
Screenplay: Robert Vincent Wright
Set Decorator : William F. Calvert
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