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March 1, 2014
Struggled through this bit of Canadiana and truthfully got more from reading the synopsis afterwards than the movie itself. I think the biggest problem here is that nothing is explained; when is this taking place? Where is this remote location? What exactly is a timekeeper? What railroad are they building? All these things would have helped me get into this movie, as it was my favorite scene involved the men 'dump' diving with bears and the Johnny Cash song played (Long Time) -not a good sign. And what the hell was Roy Dupuis doing here, his character (and fake beard) were a mess. 02.28.14

"Set in 1964, this indie drama follows Martin Bishop (Craig Olejnik), a highly moral young man, as he attempts to work alongside a railway construction crew in the Northwest Territories. Far removed from civilization and supervised by an abusive foreman, the worksite is a hotbed of corruption that tests Martin's ethical and spiritual fortitude."
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½ April 2, 2012
The photography is gorgeous and the story is interesting but somehow uninvolving for the most part and too often the characters's motivations are unclear. But it's not a bad film. The score is pretty good, just like in most of Louis Belanger's films, and it's pretty well-made. Fullfil it's ambitions somehow.
½ December 4, 2011
The Timekeeper is a nice solid Canadian movie about building the railways in the 50s.

And when I say nice I mean fairly graphically disgusting at times.
- Like when they show a man's face blown off.

The acting in this film is great as you would expect with the cream of Canadian talent on show.
Roy Dupuis gets top billing at the end even though he's about third or fourth in terms of lines spoken.

The scenery is beautiful, its an advert for the Canadian Rockies, the lush green mountainsides, pristine
lakes, clear blue skies. This is Canada and the scale and power of nature overshadows any silly litte
skirmishes between humans building their railways.

Liked this film, I thought the ending was un-necessarily dramatic. It probably wouldnt have played out like
that but there is always the need for some extra drama at the end.

3.5 stars is fair enough I think.
½ March 6, 2011
This is one of those few movies that really gets a hold of you and never lets you go.
For those of you who might have seen another small film Winters Bone, well this is along somewhat of the same type of storytelling.
Now for starters this movie comes from Canada and I just happened upon this at my local library--what a Find!! Being I had not heard of this movie--deserves more attention I think
Stephen McHattie(Pontypool) plays the overbearing foreman of a group of men in the Northwest Territories going to lay 52 miles of train track in 52 days.
The timekeeper comes in played by Craig Olejnik and right away he senses something is wrong with the camp and its foreman.
Gary Farmer(one of my favs)(Pow Wow Highway, Dead Man--great Jim Jarmush film starring Johnny Depp)
plays Cook and enjoyable performance and just a great movie played out by all of its actors its enjoyable and a different type of film, I dont think Hollywood could make something like this one.
June 24, 2010
Great Canadian film that looks at the rough and tough of those who worked the railways in the 60's. A young man leaves his hometown after his father dies to work on the railways in the Northwest Territories where a hard as nails boss works to get a 52 mile railways finished in 52 days. After Bishop
(Craig Olejnik) angers his boss, he sends him out to live with the other outcast workers in the forests of the N.W.T. Definitely an interesting insight into what being in the middle of nowhere can do to ones mindset, as well as the control needed to survive such a landscape. Although usually not something i would watch, i think it was the initial story that interested me, this movie was based on the book of the same title, so if you are interested in seeing the movie but are unsure, you can check out the novel beforehand.
June 1, 2010
La réalisation de Bélanger est soignée, tout comme sa direction photo et sa trame sonore, malheureusement, le non-intérêt de son histoire, tout autant que ses personnages, peines à nous embarqué véritablement dans cette mini-épopée semi-bûcheronnes aux airs de fable bizarroïde.
January 27, 2010
Fantastic Canadian film telling the story of a young book keeper who travels to far North to be a timekeeper for a crew of men who are building a rail line to the Great Slave Lake mines. Excellent story, characters and the scenery is amazing
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