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The Tulse Luper Suitcases Part III - From Sark to Finish Reviews

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January 22, 2012
Much lower production values on this one, with much of the story being described in voice-over and some truly astoundingly bad effects, both CG and physical. Still Greenaway manages to make something out of it.
January 3, 2010
Completely irritating. I couldn't even sit still & keeping my eyes on the screen from the beginning till the end.
July 10, 2009
This is the worst film Peter Greenaway has ever done. I already had my problems with The Tulse Luper Suitcases but this film is just unbearable. It goes on and on and on and never does or says anything remotely interesting. Roger Rees is an entertaining older Tulse Luper, but beyond that, it is a torturous filmmaking. Greenaway is a long way away from the halcyon days of Drowning by Numbers and A Zed & Two Noughts.
September 17, 2007
It is the weakest of the 3 Tulse Luper films (there's too much of a rush to end the story compared to the first 2 parts) but nonetheless is essential viewing. The denoument makes up for any of the flaws in this film.
June 3, 2007
One of the best films ever made. Sure the third part had a frustrating chess sequence but everything else was kinda perfect and mind blowing.
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