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April 5, 2008
shows how hitler did it.. such a creepy movie, especially robert
March 17, 2008
so we were in my history class the other day and we had a sub, for the past days we had been talking about hitler and stuff, so that day my teacher wasnt there cause shes pregnant, the sub said we were gonna watch a horror movie...and guess what? it was the wave.. it was lame. really lame i didnt like the movie, but i felt bad for the nerd kid :(
March 16, 2008
For 1981 it was a good movie:D
March 4, 2008
The acting was absoluty horrible which was really funny but took away from the seriosness of what was happening
February 19, 2008
Bad acting, great message.
January 5, 2008
Great movie, watched by myself, not in school, but all should see this movie
½ December 17, 2007
Above average in the realm of TV specials and very much to the point. If the experiment is true or can be replicated remains uncertain, but the point is really what's important. The strongest feat of this film is also it's weakpoint, it's made so abudantly clear what is happening (so that anyone can understand it) that it borders on patronizing the viewer.
December 17, 2007
Does history repeat itself? What happened to the jews in world war II could never happen again...or could it?
December 1, 2007
Everyone should see this.
November 29, 2007
Based on a true story
November 26, 2007
It amazing how easily someone can play with your mind
½ November 12, 2007
they were this close to bombing america
November 11, 2007
Den er pisse fed! Bestemt ikke mindre interessant i disse tider..
October 28, 2007
hahaha oh man...required to see this in high school. its like saved by the bell meets nazi school lesson. too funny.
October 26, 2007
Saw this at school the other day - should be mandatory for everyone! So creepy - especially when considering it's actually a true story!
September 13, 2007
To explain to his students the atmosphere in the 1930's Nazi-Germany, history teacher Burt Ross initiates a daring experiment. He declares himself leader of a new movement, called 'The Wave'. Inspired, he proclaims ideas about Power, Discipline and Superiority. His students are strikingly willing to follow him. Soon the entire school is under the spell of 'The Wave'. Anyone who refuses to be a part of the Movement, faces threats or worse. Ross himself gets carried away by his own experiment. Or has it turned into something more than an experiment? A climax is unavoidable, resulting in a hard lesson for both Ross and his students...
August 28, 2007
Så denne på ungdomssskolen. Og fortsatt sitter den i. Briljant plott, som så vidt jeg erindrer er basert på¨en sann historie! burde vært obligatorisk å se for alle!
August 13, 2007
I loved it! Like the other reviewers, I saw this one in class, and we joked about it for a few weeks!
August 13, 2007
best fascism related film
½ July 30, 2007
The idea behind the movie is is brilliant. One of the best ways to show teenagers how easy to mislead people towards an idea as in Holocaust.
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