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October 25, 2014
A surprisingly funny film perhaps it was the low expectations but I found myself chuckling more than once with the witty writing. The story is ridiculous but the actors make it work.
August 15, 2012
original, off beat comedy, this may not be a well known movie, however, every actor showed up with their A proformances
January 25, 2011
Talk about the most exhausting waste of a talented cast. The White River Kid has no idea whats its about, and if it did the story it would suuuuuuuuck! Antonio Banderas's character has so many mood swings you would think the man was pregnant. Other than Wes Bentley, the supporting cast seemed to watched a series of Dukes Of Hazard seasons and mincing them instead developing a more unique of set of Southern vocals. Plus, the name of the movie is The White River Kid and yet after the second half you hardly see him. I would say to watch this movie only on a dare and if you accept the dare just be warned, you will want to drown yourself in the white river.
January 24, 2011
Probably the biggest waste of time and talent to come out of the 90's. I watched this movie for the first time last night. It was free through ON DEMAND and I still want money back!
April 13, 2010
Seems there are points or phenomenon wanted to be made but the film turns out to be disjointed & so... country.
May 1, 2009
Edgar (Bob Hoskins) pose as a christian monk selling socks with his partner Morales (Antonio Banderas) and tell people that the profits will go starving children when it's really ending up in their own pockets. However while driving in their bus they come across a wanted serial killer only known as 'the white river kid' (Wes Bentley) who together with his girlfriend (Kim Dickens) tells the sock selling duo to drive them under gunpoint. So we got a decent plotline, sadly it's the only thing decent about this movie. The movie goes in all kinds of directions except for a good one and the characters are all underdeveloped. I'm sure there is a reason this film is pretty much unknown even if it has well know actors in it and that reason is simply that this movie sucks and everyone (even the people involved making it) knows it.
½ August 30, 2008
This movie was very interesting. I enjoyed the whole weird storyline and I even liked Antonio.
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