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½ January 22, 2008
An enjoyable Soviet "Western" from the 70s set during the Russian civil war. Great fun.
January 1, 2008
November 19, 2007
Russian spagetti western
November 15, 2007
Very funny, Russian version of "Lawrence of Arabia". The bigamist fantasy was genius.
November 11, 2007
A nice mix of adventure, commedy, surrealism and still many dramatic moments.
November 7, 2007
yeah it's an eastern movie having political aspects. it tells us that civil war was not only against 'whites' but fundamentalism and patriarchy as well. it's song 'vashe blogoradie' is wonderful too. btw, reviewers; please correct yourselves. it's a 'soviet' movie, not a 'russian' one.
September 3, 2007
Classic Russian "western", a total cult classic of Soviet cinema.
½ July 12, 2007
This is an incredibly popular Soviet movie and it's easy to see why, as it presents the Russian Civil War in central Asia in a straightforward way.
June 27, 2007
masterpiece, probably the best western ever made
June 23, 2007
I went to see this film 'cause:
1. I heard that before cosmonauts were sent on their mission they watched this film.
2. It was sold to me as Russian 'western'.
3. It was filmed on/around the Caspian sea (don't ask).
It is a brilliant film and rightfully has a place as a Russian cult film. Recommended!
June 20, 2007
Somehow mixes Indian Jones with a light comedy and tragedy. Colors Russians stereotypes for Central Asia to this day.
June 18, 2007
Sukhov - krutoi.

Thaw films are the best :)
June 7, 2007
Brilliant "Ostern" the main character is so cool, especially the way he shoots. Great songs too. Top movie!
½ June 12, 2006
An excellent Russian film.
May 13, 2006
A wonderful action/comedy from Russia, inspired by American westerns. The irony is that it takes place in the Russian east.
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