The 10th Victim (La Decima vittima) (The Tenth Victim) Reviews

July 23, 2019
The 10th Victim is plagued with a dialogue that pretends to be ironic and it's nothing more than pathetic. [Full Review in Spanish]
June 27, 2019
The Tenth Victim, Elio Petri's ingenious combination of science-fiction and spy-adventure, marked the end of a trend. Ursula Andress, spies, and op-art decors have never been the same.
March 2, 2018
[T]he original Survivor set in a near future of unlikely fashions and pop-art stylings, where comic books are the literature of the day, murder games have become the dominant form of media entertainment, and war has been replaced by The Big Hunt.
December 17, 2011
Petri directs with tongue firmly in cheek, lampooning the media obsession with high risk contests and games of chance with cool sixties style ...
September 21, 2011
The problem for modern audiences is that the film is so fundamentally mired in the swinging silliness of mid-'60s Euro culture that the message gets lost amid all the gaudy colors, insipid pop music, and generally deranged production design
September 13, 2011
This vibrant-hued, double-barreled mindbender clearly paves the way for everything from Ah-nold on the lam in The Running Man to the parody-parade Series 7: The Contenders.
April 19, 2010
A droll, Sterlingian arabesque
July 28, 2009
From the outrageous fashions to the less than hidden anti-media agenda, this revamped version of The Most Dangerous Game is like a retro Running Man meshed with a Cinzano ad.
May 23, 2004
February 16, 2003
Interesting sci-fi film. Not really successful, but worth a look.