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June 9, 2013
It's a successful experiment, but like all experiments in their infancy, it needs to be repeated and tweaked before it becomes a standard.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
April 26, 2013
With 26 short segments, it's expected that this horror anthology will be hit and miss. But the experiment is an intriguing one, as the producers gave 26 filmmakers a letter of the alphabet and complete artistic freedom.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
April 25, 2013
The fans will love. The faint-hearted won't.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
April 25, 2013
Patchy but enjoyable, this is an excellent horror talent showcase that, if nothing else, feels like it offers value for money with the sheer number of shocks and splats it delivers.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
April 24, 2013
The overall execution of the project never quite lives up to the concept, with too many of the films feeling lazy and poorly thought out.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
March 15, 2013
The ABCs of Death is a repulsive and excessive excuse of blood-soaked entertainment that should make the horror fan in you squeal with delight.
Full Review | Original Score: 7.5/10
March 7, 2013
At its best when merging shocks with social commentary, this halting compilation improves significantly as it nears the end of the alphabet.
Read More | Original Score: 3/5
March 7, 2013
An enormously impressive and massively indulgent cornucopia of 26 short films from all over the world.
March 7, 2013
It's a feast for fans of the genre and a guaranteed ordeal for everyone else.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
March 7, 2013
It's like you walked into the last day of a graduate film school production class, only to realize during the screenings that each of the students was messed up in the head.
Full Review | Original Score: 7/10
March 6, 2013
All 26 shorts can't be winners, but the full film maintains excitement and curiosity when jumping from letter to letter, suggesting the horror anthology format has potential.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
March 2, 2013
Tellingly, this horror anthology's finest entries convey how real horror comes in more than shades of red, and how it lives inside us all.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/4
February 28, 2013
As with all anthologies the nature of the format means some are better than others. And with this many on offer inevitably there are a few clunkers, but they are so short they don't have time to outstay their welcome.
Full Review | Original Score: 4/5
February 4, 2013
Enough winning shorts can be found throughout this terrifying alphabet to appease die-hard horror fans, but the journey will absolutely test each viewer's patience at some point.
Full Review | Original Score: 6/10
February 1, 2013
Little here is truly remarkable, but it's the variety that keeps it bounding long.
Full Review | Original Score: 3/5
January 31, 2013
It's a very interesting collaboration of creative cinematic minds, and one that warrants at least one viewing.
December 28, 2012
I'm a big fan of giving artists certain "obstructions" (to borrow from Von Trier) and see what they can come up with, yet the results of this particular experiment are mixed at best.
Full Review | Original Score: B-
October 11, 2012
Overall, maybe 13 or 14 of the 26 segments are worth a look. In school that would result in a failing grade, but for anthology films it's a pretty decent B-
Full Review | Original Score: 3/4
September 27, 2012
short-form filmmaking proves either to be not enough or too much for many of the folks involved, ultimately producing an intriguing but wildly uneven genre anthology.
September 25, 2012
Has no shortage of inventive, ironic and gruesome sketches, but the novelty of its successes just barely outweighs its stillborn stuff.
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