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December 30, 2014
Enjoyable Scottish indie movie available on Netflix. Check it out, you will like it.
½ November 5, 2014
Typical Scotch movie
½ October 16, 2014
Somewhat sugar coated in its premise, it is however a feel-good movie which by Ken Loach's standards doesn't use the same amount of ordinary public realism as many of his previous films.
Super Reviewer
½ September 14, 2014
Considerably lighter than the typical Ken Loach fare, "The Angels' Share" is an accessible yarn more in line with director Bill Forsyth's gentle comedies. Robbie (novice actor Paul Brannigan) is a Glasgow lad in recurrent trouble with the law. He has noble ambitions despite his violent streak, and aims to reform as he and his girlfriend prepare to welcome a child. But for now, he's sentenced to a hefty chunk of community service with a small troupe of other shifty but likable youths. After their good-hearted coordinator takes them on an extracurricular tour of a distillery, Robbie is turned onto the elite world of whiskey tasting. Accepted as a knowledgeable upstart in this privileged circle, he enlists his new delinquent friends for a get-rich scheme that could lead them all to a better life. The class-struggle subtext keeps "The Angels' Share" from being a mere caper film, and the whiskey discussions are interesting. Now, if only Loach had resisted using the utterly worn-out "500 Miles" in the soundtrack. Is there anyone who can still bear to hear this song?
August 17, 2014
The direction this film takes is totally unexpected and perfectly achieved. You'll love the characters and genuinely care about the lives. It's a wonderful little film, so go check it out.
August 8, 2014
A fairy tale for fans of naturalist filmmaking. Funny and touching in equal parts. A character study that doesn't shy away from dramatic moments but that shines because it embraces the lighthearted side of life. Oh, and its plot involves a bunch of petty criminals who decide to steal a rare cask of whiskey.... what's not to like about that?
July 11, 2014
3 Stars!
Simple, Funny and Authentic!
½ July 9, 2014
Ken Loach is the mastuh, yo.
½ June 29, 2014
I got the no subtitle version of DVD and it is a listening test for me for strong Scottish accent
½ June 29, 2014
Quirky and heartwarming and maybe a bit less gritty than a "typical" Ken Loach film. Superbly filmed though. Would go well with some of your favourite single malt. And see what the nse and palette detect from this offering.
May 14, 2014
Very light, very enjoyable as a whole. Maybe there's some too serious opening and story at the beginning, if you think again about the whole movie. Especially with this kind of ending. This is meant to be taken lightly to be enjoyable. Still I like the Angels' Share concept. Nice touch.
May 2, 2014
Film of the year so far for me. Loach is a true legend. The film is harsh and honest but always with a feeling of hope. This simple story will last long in the memory.
½ April 29, 2014
"The Angels' Share" is strikingly hilarious, but that doesn't distract from it's more solemn moments. With that said though : "BRAVEHEART! CHEERS!"
March 30, 2014
Clever and touchy movie, even little bit bored, this movie can give charming and beautiful ending which everybody want to look.
March 16, 2014
A great little story- not entirely typical storyline, which makes it all that more enjoyable.
½ March 15, 2014
I kinda like Ken Loach's simple & unadorned style. By using new faces, unprofessional films actors, telling some underdogs' fighting back stories in a plain & direct way. THE ANGEL'S SHARE is just another example. Still bittersweet inspiring but somehow isn't really impressive enough this time.
March 14, 2014
The film is cocktail of comedy and heist with a large shot of social realism. Beautiful and sweet.
March 12, 2014
I think part of the problem was that Netflix recommended this to me as a comedy?it isn't.. :p
½ March 6, 2014
An amiable and somewhat odd film from Ken Loach. It starts as a comedy about a shiftless young goon who has to turn his life around due to having fathered a child. He discovers an interest in fine whiskey and turns out to have quite a refined palate. It then turns into a heist film, which doesn't sit too comfortably with the first half. It pretty much turns into a "redemption through stealing" story, which is decidedly odd.
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