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The Angry Birds Movie Quotes

  • Bomb: If my name were Bobby, would ask me what is my hobby? Or if my name were Judice, would you ask me what my mood is? I laugh, I cry, I love, I hate, I do so much more than detonate. Think about it.

  • Judge Peckinpah: JUDGE POWER!
    Judge Peckinpah: Judge power!

  • Leonard: Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

  • Bomb: Sometimes, when I get mad, I tend to explode.

  • Red: And you're not asking basic questions.

  • Matilda: Where's your homework?
    Red: I don't have it.
    Matilda: Why not?
    Red: I didn't do it. I thought about doing it until I realized it would be a total waste of my time!

  • Bubbles: I told you not to mess with me!

  • Red: Wait, he's coming back.
    Hal: Uh, did we win?
    Red: Could we get an ice pack for Hal?

  • Chuck: I couldn't hear you over the sound of your ego!

  • Early Bird: Hey, Red! How are you?
    Red: Oh, I'm horrible!

  • Judge Peckinpah: There seems to be a recurring issue here, anger.
    Red: I don't have an anger issue, I think you got an anger issue. Are you aware that robe you are wearing isn't fooling anyone?

  • Red: Pluck my life.

  • Stella, Eva the Birthday Mom: Um, Hi!

  • Matilda: What the caterpillar calls the end, the world calls a butterfly.

  • Red: Something doesn't seem Kosher about these pigs.

  • Red: You can't eat eggs!
    Monty Pig: What are ya gonna do? I'm a foodie.

  • Red: I'm not blushing. I'm just red.

  • The Mighty Eagle: I see all, and know all!... What are your names?
    The Mighty Eagle: I see all, and know all! What are your names?

  • Chuck: Eagle! Heron! Peacock! Warrior! Mountain! Tree! Rabbit! Fish! Locus! King pigeon! And of course, downward duck.
    Red: Yuck!

  • Red: Drop your nuts and move your butts!

  • Red: Yeah, when birds fly
    Red: Yeah, when birds fly.

  • Leonard: Greetings! I am a pig.
    Chuck: What's a pig?
    Leonard: Unbelieveable.
    Leonard: Oh. Where we're going.
    Leonard: We practiced this a hundred times. Give it to me.
    Leonard: We're gonna come in again.

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