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February 28, 2018
This movie was fvking stupid lol. First off, Rodriguez was soooo not believable as a dude in the first place, second the whole zero pain or bruising after the sex change and miraculous zero recovery time, then the way the Johnnie was like okay sure you can stay at my place (even though they're total strangers who hooked up once) and even the dog part...that Johnnie girl doesn't even mention there's a dog in her house now? I get it, she was part of the whole thing ..but even the fact that "Frank" as so trusting of her? Not very hitman-like. I know it's a movie, and that shit's never believable, but this was just too much. So so so stupid.
½ February 26, 2018
I hope they paid Sigourney Weaver a lot of money to be in this crap.
½ February 18, 2018
C'č poco da faree... i vecchi lupi come Walter Hill hanno ancora tanto da insegną a questi nuovi pseudo "directors" della mia f..., su come si fanno i film d'azione di un certo spessore. Hill arriva subito al nocciolo della questione, non ci gira troppo intorno come un Denis Villeneuve(se pur bravo) qualsiasi . Michelle Rodriguez invece quando vole č pił uomo di me, tanta roba, č veramente la migliore quando gli viene chiesto questo tipo di personaggio/interpretazione. Passaggio di testimone inevitabile tra lei e l'ormai anzianotta, ma pur sempre in forma "aliena", Sigourney Weaver. Promosso
December 31, 2017
Straight to DVD film with an intriguing premise but as an action movie it's directed with such fake ness that just boring. The lead female characters really make an effort which is commendable. Watch it if you're in the mood for hilariously made 80s action flick with lotsa skin and grandiose villain speeches.
December 31, 2017
I can see Rodriguez as action star.
Too bad the Hill and writers failed her.
½ December 22, 2017
The worst movie sigourney Has made
December 10, 2017
I enjoyed the plot twists but the medical aspects of it seem unfeasible.
October 7, 2017
Outrageous and wildly un-PC story has hitman Frank Kitchen, a bearded Michelle Rodriguez, kidnapped and forcibly given gender reassignment surgery by doctor Sigourney Weaker as revenge for Kitchen's killing of her mobster brother. Kitchen wakes up from the surgery to find himself now a woman, but Kitchen is now determined to find out who did this to him so he/she can exact his/her revenge. From there, the film is a fairly standard revenge picture along the lines of "Point Blank" or "Oldboy" where Kitchen works his way up the food chain of underworld figures until he reaches his eventual final target. Anthony LaPaglia, who I don't think I've seen in years and was quite excited to see in something again, plays one of those targets who double crossed Kitchen. Tony Shalhoub also has a juicy role as an interrogator taking a statement from Weaver in a Death and the Maiden-like verbal sparing match, where Weaver narrates the events of the film and serves as film's framing device. Produced, written, directed by Walter Hill, he brings an assured hand to the action and fills the script with his usual tough clipped dialogue. I was about to write that this is Hill's best work in years, but it's really just Hill's first film as director in many years. Hopefully he's been living comfortably off of his producer credits on all of the Alien sequels and prequels, but it's exciting to see Hill return to his scrappy low-budget action film roots with this outlandish action flick. "The Assignment" also boasts a score by the great Giorgio Moroder (with orchestrations by and some additional music by Raney Shockne), which is Moroder's first feature film score since the 1990s. Now if you were wondering if the film has a subtext around gender politics, violence again women, and such, it does not. Hill's film is less like The Wachowski's rich genre and gender mixing "Bound" and is more similar to Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire," which was more just a straight-up action film focused on Gina Carano kicking ass (but with a bit more pulpy Roger Corman/Samuel Z. Arkoff exploitation thrown in for good measure). Overall, "The Assignment" is a must see for fans of Hill and 1970s style of gritty pulpy action films.
½ September 20, 2017
Given the tech savvy abilities of our modern film makers I expected a bit more of a convincing "male" Rodriguez. Instead we saw a drag show. Otherwise a pretty good film
½ August 23, 2017
Rachel Jane is mad at a Frank Kitchen because he killed her brother so she turns him into a woman. Then she feels comfortable calling him to taunt about it because it's not like he can do anything about it. He's not even a man anymore.
½ August 22, 2017
I like the rest of these ratings can't believe Michelle got naked for this... so much talent wasted
August 12, 2017
I actually like it. At least above the 50% scale rather see than not see.
July 30, 2017
The story of how a hitman became hitgirl!

Actually, it was a much better film than what I've heard of it. What could you expect from a B movie? This was a much better film for its small budget with a decent cast. The storyline seems okay, but Michelle Rodriguez is the one who made it possible. Yeah, it was like created for her to play the main role and she excelled. The filmmaking was quite compromised when the initial part of her character was played by herself. Because of particularly her height, but decently convinces us with all the rest of the makeovers.

The film was about an assassin, who after encountering some wrong men, discovers later that he'd went through gender reassignment surgery. Now raged with anger, he begins his hunt whoever behind it, especially finding the reason for. With a small romance and action sequences, the film comes to an end. Before giving it a try, you must understand that it is not the film you should expect to be a masterpiece. It tried its best to narrate a decent story, as well as you get your entertainment along. So it is not a must see, but still worth a watch.

½ July 29, 2017
Rediculous but interesting.
Super Reviewer
½ July 26, 2017
You know, I've always felt a sort of admiration and respect for filmmakers/writers/actors/whomever it may be that find a new way to tell a story featuring characters that are rarely ever explored in films. Innovation isn't just something that's reserved for stylistic choices in your film, it's finding new angles to put your lead characters into that may provide some interesting scenarios. And this movie, at least in theory, has a bit of that. If you didn't know then, basically, the story boils down to Frank Kitchen, this professional hitman, who is kidnapped by his former employer and handed off to this doctor, played by Sigourney Weaver, who proceeds to perform a sex change operation in order to turn Frank into a woman as revenge for Frank killing her brother. That's certainly something we haven't seen before in a film, at least as far as I can tell. This concept has the potential to subvert the normal tropes associated with a genre as macho-centric as action films. I really do love this, I think it's a concept that ripe with great ideas of how to play with reserved gender roles. But, sadly, it pains me to say that the movie doesn't have the narrative chops in order to make proper usage of such a freaking great concept. Essentially, the film boils down to Frank Kitchen's generic quest to get revenge on the doctor who changed him. That's all the film is about, really, and the film explores this story in about as generic a manner as is humanly possible. I'm not saying that the film is bad, it's actually a perfectly decent revenge action thriller, but its reach definitely exceeds its grasp. You could say that at least they tried, but all they did was come up with the concept. The effort comes in how you follow up that concept and whether or not your narrative matches the creativity and uniqueness of it. And let's just say the effort was certainly lacking here. I will say that the only good idea the film has that they actually introduce here is Dr. Kay (Sigourney) mentioning that her reasons were twofold. Yes, she wanted for her brother and this was a way to psychologically torture Frank for this. She wanted to mess with Frank's idea of masculinity. But she also stated that she wanted to see if changing Frank's gender (which would theoretically affect his identity) would change the sort of person that Frank was. She wanted to change Frank's murderous habits. I think that's the only remotely interesting idea the film has here. They could have done something with Frank's change, but all they did is have Frank grab his new tits a couple of times. Everything else about Frank, really, is exactly the same. He changes in no discernible way whatsoever, other than the fact that he has tits and his penis was removed. Other than that, I mean, the movie really is perfectly decent. There's some enjoyment to be had if you look at it as a B-movie because, really, that's all this is. And there's nothing wrong with that, at all. But if you're gonna do this, then at least be a little more gleeful in your thrills. This flick has a noir-esque vibe when Michelle Rodriguez tells her side of her story in her gruff voice. That's another thing, the pacing is all out of whack. They jump back and forth between two timelines. Parts of story are told from the perspective of Dr. Galen (Tony Shalhoub), who's interviewing Dr. Kay (who's in an insane asylum until she is seen fit enough to stand trial), in order to get the truth of the matter and why there were four people dead in her illegal operating room. Galen doesn't believe that there really is a Frank Kitchen and he wants to find out why Kay is making this person up. The rest of the story is told from Frank's perspective as he goes on this journey of revenge against everyone attached to making him into a woman. I think jumping back and forth between two timelines hurts the film's pacing. Because just when you're getting into Frank's story, you're thrown right back to the insane asylum for further interviews with Kay. It's not so much of a problem when Sigourney Weaver gives a great performance as this narcissistic doctor, but they never really settle into a groove. It just doesn't flow well and that hurts the pacing. The action itself is fine, but very simplistic and bare bones. That shit just won't fly in this day and age of The Raid (both of them) and Mad Max Fury Road. The action here is serviceable enough, but completely forgettable. Michelle Rodriguez is good in her role and she is, pretty much, the perfect person to do this type of role. I'd have said Tilda Swinton would have been great, but she's more androgynous than anything else. That makes sense in my own head, it just wouldn't have worked with Tilda. Michelle Rodriguez has both feminine and masculine qualities that lend itself to this role. I will say, though, that the fake beard Michelle had to rock in the first part of the film was really laughably bad. It made her look like a woman who was trying to pass herself off as a man. I mean, that's precisely what she was, but I mean in the world of the film itself that's what she looked like. She didn't look enough like a man to make those scenes where she is one look convincing. I think the best bet would have been to cast a male actor for the parts where Frank is a man and then reveal Frank to be Michelle Rodriguez once she's a woman. It would have been a little more believable. Obviously you need to cast a man who looks enough like Michelle to pull this off, but it could have been done. The way they did do it, however, felt really hokey and laughable. Thankfully Michelle doesn't play Frank as a man for too long. But I digress, I don't know what else I can say about this. It's got a great concept, but the execution is so-so. There's some fun to be had here, for sure, if you're looking for some B-movie thrills, but I don't think this movie is ever as over-the-top (or interesting) enough as it concept would suggest it might have been. I can't recommend it, but there's worse movies out there. The adjective 'average' fits this flick to a T.
½ July 24, 2017
The worst film of 2017 so far, The Assignment is a super let down. Two great actresses are wasted in this and the story is stupid. Come on Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez, you guys are better than this. Also an assassin that becomes a girl? WHAT?! And we get to see a penis, that's something I want to see. I'm sorry this movie is awful, don't bother to see it all.
July 21, 2017
Good actresses. Interesting story line and good violence but wouldn't try to watch again.
½ July 16, 2017
This movie sucks and was a total waste of time
½ July 16, 2017
Comenzo muy interesante y luego se volvio ordinaria y comun
½ July 13, 2017
Couldn't be bothered watching more than 10mins
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