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½ May 21, 2014
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

(2009) The Assistants

"The Assistants" as this film is called refers to a group of 'wannabe film students" who are trying to get their first big break into the film world. Written and directed by Steve Morris, the movie plays in such a pretentious fashion that who knew that it was a supposed to be a comedy. To make a long story short, Gary Greene (Joe Mantegna) is a hot shot producer, who's ordering his assistant, Jack Ryder (Chris Conner) to go through a box of worthless scripts. And although, he's trying to get out of it by making the dreaded 'pick up my father excuse', his job then gets put on the line if he doesn't comply. He does, but instead of him going through them, he dumps this kind of responsibility onto his 'wannabe film assistants', and they in turn devised a plan to concoct a brief synopsis in order for him to find, that is completely made-up, calling it "Journey's End". And then by chance, hot shot producer Gary Greene green lights it, putting Jack and company into a complicated situation. Stacy Keach and Jane Seymour also stars. Because I've read so much about the film industry as well as see so many documentaries about it, this film doesn't offer me anything I don't know myself, and if it's supposed to be a comedy then it's also failed on that aspect as well since I haven't laughed at a single moment. And the songs chosen for this film is amongst the worst as I've ever heard it.

1 star out of 4 stars
Super Reviewer
May 25, 2011
Color me pleasantly surprised by this little independent movie about a group of friends searching for success in Hollywood, while desperately trying to avoid the price of selling out (or selling their souls) that so many other people have paid in order to achieve their dreams in the biz.

The group (each interested in a different aspect of movie production, including writing, directing, editing, producing, acting, and behind the scenes work), hatch a hair-brained scheme to get a movie in production by using their positions as assistant to various powerful people to manipulate things in their favor.

The movie ranges from light comedy to some fairly heavy stuff. People with inside knowledge of how Hollywood often works will probably appreciate this more than others.

The Assistants also doesn't look that cheap, which automatically gives it an advantage over a lot of the bare-bones indies that are being made today. I liked it. It's no masterpiece, but it exceeded my expectations by being a pretty interesting small budget flick.
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