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½ November 18, 2012
This was an awful movie. I wish they had negative ratings. It starts slow, get a bit better and then all there all you see is blood and gore. It is poorly written, poorly acted and has zero story flow and believability. Too many holes in the poor plot and too many inconsistencies.

Don't waste your time or your money on this one.

The DVD back cover says the capsule was buried for 200 years. There is mention of anything like that in the movie so where did that come. A farmer, Hank, goes and pulls down a tree and it really does nothing but expose the ground so he goes over for no real reason and brushes dirt around. So how did the tree grow without being able to put roots down?

Nothing was said about how the creatures were awakened. They just popped out and started killing everyone. Why was that? And with three claws on their hands, how could they manufacture a ship like that?

Then the movie deteriorates down to one creature dying and the second one still trying to kill everyone. Of course the deputy cannot hit anything with his pistol while firing point blank!!

The doctor is a useless character and why he is in there is not evident.. In the midst of all this, the girl wants to strike up a romance.

They try to do everything at night for some reason and elect not to defend themselves until daylight. In the middle of the night, the deputy and the girl take off to the woods where he jumps into the space ship and finds there are more than two seats on the ship. He says there are three.

Back they go where the aunt is standing on the back porch gazing at her husband's shirt while being stalked by a third creature. They they try to get away and are attacked by the creature. Somehow it becomes daylight and they are out in the woods and are attacked by the creature which is dispensed by a government official with a shot from a hunting rifle.

Unknown to all, there is a fourth creature which goes back to the ship and fires it up and he leaves earth, hits hyperspace and heads home to get the cavalry. Someone please explain how a ship that partially disintegrated on entry to earth two hundred years ago and crashed into the earth was able to power up and take off???

So the ship goes home and back come the creatures friends.
June 30, 2012
Nice attempt. Had a few good effects.
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