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½ April 9, 2017
This film has one of the most dodgy Hollywood premises of all time. After a scuffle, a judge sentences a playboy artist in his 40s to date her 17 year old sister, who has a crush on him. The movie doesn't play for suspense but plenty is generated as you wonder whether it will lurch from slightly awkward to outright cringeworthy. It doesn't, thanks to the script's (mostly) light touch and the charm of the cast, especially Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. Even so, it one of those movies where you can predict the ending within its first five minutes.
½ January 1, 2017
Charming if very light comedy about artist/bachelor fending off the affections of bobby-soxer Shirley Temple and contending with her older sister, judge Myrna Loy who Grant is begin tried before. Throw in Rudy Vallee and Ray Collins and you have a cast that can't be beat and who help elevate some fairly lightweight material (written by Sidney Sheldon who won an Oscar for his original screenplay) and make it something of a minor classic.
January 25, 2016
A cute romantic comedy whose witty screenplay separates it from others.
½ January 2, 2016
A bit outlandish even for a screwball comedy
February 21, 2015
Cary Grant never turns in a bad performance in a comedy.
February 12, 2015
The only thing I liked about this movie was Myrna Loy, you can't go wrong with Myrna. Other than that, it's a lot of buffoonery and pratfalls, like a bad sitcom. It even managed to make Cary Grant unappealing and Homer Simpson-like. His character and Shirley's are dumb as rocks. They could have given these three a MUCH better movie. They wouldn't let Shirley grow up. Her early work was more sophisticated than her teenage stuff - think about that.
February 18, 2014
This is some light fare featuring the ever comically gifted Cary Grant as well as a slightly older Shirley Temple and the often delightful Myrna Loy. Not the best but there is some entertainment value created by this funny pairing.
July 10, 2013
Clever, witty, and flat out hilarious.
June 8, 2013
The storyline is rather forgettable, but the screwball comedy is fun.
April 28, 2013
Promises are the hollow shells of undone deeds.

A playboy artist finds himself regularly in court as well as around those familiar with the local judicial system. When a high school girl, and little sister of one of the judges, falls in love with the playboy, the playboy agrees to help convince the little girl that she doesn't love him in exchange for whipping his legal record clean. The deed will not be as easy as the judge and playboy expect.

"See you later. You'll know me. I'll be dressed as a lawyer."

Irving Reis, director of All My Sons, The Four Poster, The Big Street, The Gay Falcon, Dancing in the Dark, I'm Still Alive, and Weekend for Three, delivers The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. The storyline for this picture is interesting although farfetched in a couple areas. The acting is extremely good as the cast includes Cary Grant, Shirley Temple, Myrna Loy, and Ray Collins.

"If I had a million sisters, I'd want them all to be like you."

I DVR'd this movie because it starred one of my all time favorite actors, Cary Grant, and because I had never seen a Shirley Temple film. Overall, I will say this was a very entertaining picture; however, some scenes were ridiculously unbelievable and a bit corny. I do recommend seeing this film but it likely won't make your top five favorite Grant pictures.

"I don't consider geometry a part of my life."

Grade: B/B+
March 17, 2013
Totally preposterous premise but so fun! Shirley Temple all grown up (but still mildly annoying).
March 12, 2013
shirley temple is delightful as always and quite believable as someone have a serious crush and the object of her affection is cary grant and who wouldnt want to have a crush on him back in the day :) he was charming, elegant, irrestible.
February 22, 2013
Funny love comedy about a artist who has a little run in with the law and is in court and is butting heads with the female judge. After this the judges sister falls in love with him and they try to jail him again. Realizing its not him they all decide to let her date him thinking eventually she will get over and the phase that she is in would be over not too long after. This little date has some historical results. You have two actors with tons of talent. Cary grant and Shirley temple were very funny together and their chemistry worked extremely well. This was a very enjoyable film.
February 7, 2013
One of my favorites- funny, clever script, drenched in star power. Includes one of my all time favoeite scenes towards the end at the nightclub - waiter " will there be anything else, sir?", Cary Grant " for instance?" Classic!
½ February 6, 2013
Takes a while to get into but incredibly enjoyable once you get into the flow of it.
January 27, 2013
Bubbly comedy well suited for Cary Grant, but Shirley Temple clearly steals some of the thunder and Myrna Loy isn't short of screen time either.
½ January 21, 2013
Charming if you don't think too much about it.
January 9, 2013
When the teenage sister of a judge is found in the house of an artist, the artist is given a choice by that judge; date her against his wishes until the teenager gets over her infatuation or be sent to prison. Back in the day when the premises could be witty but supported by strong screenplays, this film is a charming romantic comedy that can be genuinely funny a times as well as heart warming. Cary Grant confirms himself as one of the best figures in classic romantic comedies.
December 17, 2012
Another classic comedy with Cary Grant as playboy artist Richard Nugent who through a court order has to date a love struck teenage named Susan (wonderfully played by Shirley Temple) who sneaks into his apartment one night. Her sister, Judge Margaret Turner (Myrna Loy) is convinced that for Susan to get over Nugent is for her to date him and then she will eventually come to her senses. Of course Nugent goes out of his way to make sure that happens all the more quickly. This is a classic comedy that has everyone involved at their peak acting abilities, especially the three leads in Grant, Loy, and Temple. One of the best comedies from yesteryear.
Matt Beemish: I'm the court psychiatrist.
Richard Nugent: Come back in an hour. I'll be crazy by then.
December 7, 2012
Will have to watch this one. Not necassarily good or bad. Will see. Want to watch!
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