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The Band's Visit Quotes

  • Itzik: You know, maybe this is how your concerto ends. I mean, not a big end with trumpets and violin. Maybe this is the finish, just like that suddenly.Not sad, not happy, just a small room with a lamp, abed,a child sleeps, and tons of loneliness.

  • Tawfiq: It's the sound of water and waves, and distant children playing on the beach, and the sound of the bait falling in the water. In the early hours at sea you can hear the whole world like, like a symphony.

  • Tawfiq: Music today is not that important anymore.
    Dina: What do you mean?
    Tawfiq: Well, people today care about other things, money, efficiency, worth.
    Dina: People are stupid, aren't they?
    Tawfiq: Yes, they are sometimes.

  • Haled: Aren't we going to eat today? I did not join the police to starve to death. And anyhow, I'm not really sure that you know where we're going.

  • Tawfiq: We've been invited by the local cultural department to play at the initiation ceremony of the Arab Culture Center.
    Dina: There is no Arab center here. No culture. Not Israeli culture,not Arab culture , no culture at all.
    Dina: There is no Arab center here. No culture. Not Israeli culture, not Arab culture, no culture at all.

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