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June 23, 2012
Could've been better. Could've been a cult movie. It started really good, mystery box, 2 interesting characters and a bit of comedy... then it got ruined by a very awkward romance. Don't know if it was based on a book, but it felt like it, the script would've been too bizarre by itself.
July 18, 2011
I can't believe this movie took so long to come out ! Norman Reedus from "The Boondock Saints " and Mark Boone Jr. from "Sons of Anarchy" play a poet and a musician in LA looking for a gig. They find this cool looking magic box that creates music that they use to get the gig of a lifetime. One surprise I really did like was that Eric Roberts ("Batman:The Dark Knight"), while in another role as a villain, was really pretty cool in the movie. There is even a scene where he's playing the piano ! I did not know he played. I think everyone should check this movie out. Its refreshing to see good independent films that become available. I read that this movie is self distributed as well. Go Indie's ! Keep it up.
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