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February 14, 2016
A co-worker responded with this obscure family movie when I asked her to name a movie. I had never heard of it and she let me borrow an old VHS tape to view it. It is the 1930's and young Japanese Rinko goes to live with the widowed Mrs. Hata. In the barn is George Takei playing an illegal immigrant who waxes life lessons that everyone could learn from. Takei was actually good in this and the girl, Lana McKissack was adorable as the lead but this just wasn't very good or entertaining. Maybe it is for families that dig the series that this came from Just because something is made for TV doesn't mean it has zero value but this was fairly dull.
August 10, 2012
For a made for tv movie the acting isn't bad. The concept is your typical hallmark (spoiled girl learns what it means to be humble through work and sacrifice) plot. You get what you get with The Best Bad Thing...a made for tv movie that just keeps you interested enough to not turn it off.
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