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½ May 3, 2017
OK film noir starring Drew's father.
½ April 19, 2012
The Big Night tells the story of George La Main (John Drew Barrymore), a teenage kid whose rather meager and awkward. On his brithday, his father is severely beaten in front of him by Judge, a sports writer who performs the beating in George's fathers own bar. The father shows no resistance to Judge's actions, but George wants revenge. The Big Night is a rather great, different type of coming of age story which uses the tropes and the Noir genre to effectively deconstruct masochism. Essentially we follow this head strong kid who goes out to avenge his father, and through a series of events learns that things aren't exactly how they appear. It's not 'The Servant' in terms of dynamic compositions, but it still has some great sequences in terms of how Losey's positions the camera, choreographs the scene, etc. The best example I think of is the scene where George's father is beaten. Losey doesn't show the beating at all, but instead opts for a single long take, focusing on the face of young, George witness his father being caned, only providing the sound and one's imagination as to what George is witnessing. I think the character George is just a fascinating endeavor in itself: The way he rehearses his toughness in the mirror, for example, or how he mistakenly insults the black singer at the night club by basically telling her that she was gorgeous, in-spite of being black. He's a character whose innocence and desire to be tough really shine through, making this sort of deconstruction of masculinity effective.
March 28, 2011
Wish they still made films like this
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