The Big Parade Reviews

September 18, 2020
The Big Parade is one of those things, like Greed, and perhaps like The Last Laugh -- something to give birth in those who have sneered at the films of new convictions of the possibilities of the screen.
May 8, 2018
There is a peculiar delight in sitting through a play in which every dialectic skill is used -- where the aptness of language to express character, emotion, the interplay of thoughts gives one a pure joy.
June 29, 2014
Masterpiece of Vidorian ardor
May 2, 2014
It was strong stuff in 1925 and it remains strong today.
October 10, 2013
The Big Parade wasn't just an international hit; it immediately set the standard for Hollywood war movies.
October 5, 2013
Masterfully directed by King Vidor, this swings easily between comedy, romance and tragedy without missing a beat, and there are numerous set-pieces of enormous power -- even today, the harrowing battle scenes would rank among the best ever put on film.
October 4, 2013
Like All Quiet on the Western Front, The Big Parade gives a comprehensive look at then-modern warfare.
June 1, 2009
Though a virtually uncountable number of war films in the intervening 84 years have trodden upon much the same ground, few of them indeed have been able to equal its achievements.
December 19, 2005
King Vidor's popular moving antiwar WWI drama set the tone for how to shoot a war film.
June 19, 2005
August 13, 2004
January 1, 2000
The Big Parade (1925) is director/producer King Vidor's most famous, precedent-setting war film from the silent era. It was the first realistic war drama and has served ever since as an archetypal model for all other war films.