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½ December 14, 2011
The Blood Bond finds itself with nowhere to go, as Michael Biehn and Antony Szeto cannot get the job done from the director's chair.While the look and feel of the film doesn't shy away from its low budget, the story is unpleasantly told. The plot is predictable, and while there is a plot, the 85 minutes of screen time are sub-par in nature. The dialogue comes across as scripted and all the characters speak English that sounds unnatural, which it probably is to most of them in real life.The one positive point of this picture is the martial arts choreography and the story does find its moments for it. Unfortunately, the rest of the film, including the gun play and its poor sound effects, sit so low in the barrel that the fights can't make up for it.Michael Biehn, while doing much better than a lot of the other cast members, fails to impress. Phoenix Chou does a good job with the martial arts segments; however, on the flip side her line delivery and acting is monotone.The Blood Bond has little to offer, and what little there is, it isn't worth sitting through this entire film for.
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