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½ January 31, 2014
I loved this movie. I was surprised to see Rob Schneider in a serious role, but he did a wonderful, convincing job. The movie is sweet, a little other wordily and quiet. I cried a bit at the end. I hope to see more serious, quirky movies written and directed by him.
½ January 21, 2014
Very bad movie,very boring, they just talk the whole movie, what a waste of time making this movie, I fell asleep to this movie,that's how boring it is
December 2, 2013
This is a different side of Rob Schneider! If you are used to the comedic roles he has been in, you are in for a big surprise! He handles this dramatic role very well. NOTE: Be forewarned the story involves a spiritual bend that might be a problem for some ("reincarnation", "Buddhism", Mystical "Spiritual" healers). There wasn't any mention of GOD or the redemptive power of the LORD Jesus Christ. This may be a turn-off for many Christians. Otherwise, the movie was entertaining.
September 2, 2013
Very disappointing. Mostly stupid.
August 28, 2013
After a car salesman's wife leaves him he gets depressed and tries to kill himself when he gets a knock at the the door and a bunch of holy men try to convince him he is the chosen one.
If you are looking for another rob Schneider movie that is suppose to be funny this is not it except maybe here and there maybe a coupe times you will laugh. This is more of the serious role and I must say I think rob should go back into comedy. Nothing special here just a very dull and boring drama. There is no point in the movie where it gets exciting its just very bland and has a whole bunch of uninteresting characters that you never get interested in. Not a good movie at all except if you want to find a way to fall asleep. I mean its mot completely bad but It might even be a good enough one for a Rainy day.
February 20, 2013
Pulls every last one of its punches, and I wouldn't recommend a viewing to anyone beyond Schneider's core fanbase. Nevertheless, there are unusual elements to the film that prevent a complete dismissal. Just wasn't very funny though and i can't recommend it. So i say SKIP IT!!!
½ January 29, 2013
I wish I hadn't chosen this movie to watch!
½ December 9, 2012
Absolutely horrendous. Painful to watch.
½ November 29, 2012
You expect really funny from Rob Scneider, but instead you get this. It envolves someone who is suicidal being chosen as a spirtual leader, who has absolutely no idea what they are doing or talking about and pretty much talks out of their butt the entire time. It does have some parts that are funny, but I would recommend picking something else entirely before you settle on this one.
September 21, 2012
An unexpected, rather enjoyable film that proves that star Rob Schneider actually has the skills to be a legit actor once he actually stops trying to be goofy, and focuses on his craft.
July 25, 2012
Very light film with slow pacing. Much different than the usual character Schneider portrays. It's not bad, there just isn't any substance. Feels a little lost, it's not funny enough to be much of a comedy or enough character depth/introspection to be dramatic.
June 14, 2012
Has a few funny moments and a nice story, but I feel it's a bit slow, and then ends too abruptly.
April 29, 2012
a small budget movie trying to tell a deep story about the entire society.
½ April 29, 2012
An alcoholic car salesman Paul Zadzik (Rob Schneider) is facing a difficult time on his life. He feels nothing works out for him, when a group of mistic colombian indians appear from nowhere on his doorstep and recognize him as his spiritual leader, 'the Choosen one'. His mother and his brother, who is a buddhist mok (Steve Buscemi) take this situation as another ridiculous experience from Paul, as he is used to fail in everything. But soon, Paul will discover that he is able to find self-confidence and integrity to go on with his life and overcome his main fears. A star and a half for this one.
April 1, 2012
It seems like people who didn't like the Chosen One were fans of Schneider's usual, low-brow comedies. As a comedy, this movie certainly fails. But it's impossible to watch without realizing it doesn't even try to be a comedy. Honestly, I was surprised to enjoy this psuedo-spiritual dramedy.
December 23, 2011
Recently watched this Rob Schneider film on a fluke -- not a fan of his -- and was pleasantly surprise. He wrote and directed this light drama and it was a good movie. He reminded me how some of the best drama actors are comics. Check out "Chosen One" on Hulu and tell me your take on it... Why to go Rob!!
December 20, 2011
This movie was mis-branded as a comedy. It's actually a drama and well acted by Schneider and Buscemi. Anyone who expects this movie to the usual Rob Schneider film will be disappointed, but I feel like this movie got poor ratings more because it was not what people expected than because it's actually bad.
November 18, 2011
I don't mind...its only a bad day. :(
November 16, 2011
Terrible!Schneider worst film!
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