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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair Reviews

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January 10, 2015
Tom Baker is amazing and even though this is a small budget film they do an amazing job bringing this book to life
½ November 16, 2012
it was an good tv series movie, it was good it starred Tom Baker, it was good movie, it starred Tom Baker, Richard Henders and Camilla Power, I would love the film on DVD, great film
½ November 9, 2012
An accurate portrayal of a film with such heart, it all comes through in this movie. A highly enjoyable ride filled with characters you can feel for.
July 24, 2012
One of my childhood favorites.
February 1, 2012
the Silver chair was rubbish. the first three Narnias were brilliant
December 9, 2011
completely different story line but worth every minute ultimately i quite enjoyed the film
December 3, 2011
when will this movie will be out?
May 23, 2011
Great movie. Loved the effects. Good story. Awesome constumes. Looking forward to the twentieth century fox movie. BBC did a great job though.
½ December 16, 2010
A poorly made, laughable, and stupid version of C.S. Lewis' beloved book. This movie is so bad that when they get to the Giants' palace, You can see the snow machine! But crappy FX aside, the movie has no depth for Jill and Eustace. The acting is horrendous, and the sound quality should be a crime. This is not how i imagined Narnia, and if you only have 4 bucks to make a film! Do not make a fantasy movie! Im telling you, when The Silver Chair was destroyed I started laughing. Very hard! I heard that they made The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, prince Caspian, and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader as well. Well I am telling you, after seeing this atrocity of a film. Ill stick to the remakes. Well its not as bad as Furry Vengeance believe it or not. But still, quite bad. 1/10
½ December 11, 2010
Well done adaptation. Trusts in Lewis's storytelling and lets the story carry you through, despite the less-than-spectacular special effects. When I can't remember Tom Baker's name, I refer to him as Puddleglum and my kids know EXACTLY who I'm talking about because he left that much of an impression on them.
June 10, 2010
God I hope fox has the fore sight to see that an great series has fallen in their lap and completes the entire series
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