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November 1, 2015
Post-apocalyptic film about a film being hunted down by a supernatural force. The ending is an interesting twist. There is no zombies. Just a disease, but the diseased will appear as completely healthy. It's nuts. Completely nuts. But it's oh so boring and dragged out, it's not good or interesting till the last 15 minutes. It's the most boring and pointless post-apocalyptic film ever. Nothing happens and it's just endless talking and walking and then people dying with no explanation.
September 9, 2015
I bought this movie out a bargain bin in a japanese conveyance store, hoping for jsut a crappy b-movie, complete with dumb dialogue bad acting and an indiscernible story. I must say I was blown back. the movie's premise is well thought out. the acting is stiff at the beginning, but the star John Fantasia, does a surprising job carrying the film. I came in expecting a dumb zombie movie or at least a really bad one, but instead I got a pretty decent movie. not an A-lister due to the bleak subject matter but anyone who likes post apocalyptic films, and use of the unreliable narrator, will like this film.
½ May 15, 2015
Writer/Director Justin McConnell made a pretty respectable post apocalyptic film on a budget of $40,000 dollars. Usually I think of movies like "Right at Your Door" or "Carriers" as low budget, but $40,000 more of an "El Mariachi" type of miracle that such a quality film was made with so little. The story here is actually pretty similar to the Ray Milland directed nuclear war scenario film "Panic in Year Zero!" where he an his family flee into the mountains to escape nuclear fallout. In this film, a family flees into the mountains from an unspecified apocalyptic scenario. Like the Milland film, the main antagonist isn't zombies or leather clad bikers, but rather other people pushed to extremes. Without spoiling too much, I'll say the film has some good unexpected surprised that break from formula and leave the audience with a sense that no one is safe and anything can happen in this world. Not for all tastes and the film is certainly a low budget affair, which will put off some, but it's still quite a riveting film.
December 11, 2014
I found it interesting for a low budget indie. They did really well. I liked the twist even though I saw it coming.
December 2, 2014
One star is an overating. Horrible !!
January 16, 2014
Y que mierdas paso?
Mala película
January 3, 2014
A good idea, undermined by poor acting
October 10, 2013
The only way to make this movie watchable is to put it through half way fast forward which makes it funny.
September 1, 2013
It is absolutely amazing what the filmmakers have managed to put together with this microbudget film. This is a film that is lower than low budget and yet it manages to overcome its shortcomings thanks to amazing work from Director Justin McConnell and DP Pasha Patriki. Even the FX both physical and digital (yes there's even digital FX in this film as subtle as they are) are well done.
The Collapsed isn't without problems though. The acting ranges from very good to feeling forced but it never comes across as campy (which is either good or bad depending on your preferences). The story is ok and considering this is post apocalyptic fare done on a very limited budget, what they pull off without being able to close roads, etc. is amazing. Where many find fault is in the attempt at creating suspense. The film is essentially only suspense as there is very little payoffs. This works at first imo but without really good payoffs, the audience has a tendency to get a little bored. Some of this seems to be decisions based on budget constraints and what the filmmakers felt they could achieve with what they had available to them but others are clearly part of the story as a whole.
Something that can be said is that despite the aspects that might find themselves used extensively in art film The Collapsed never goes overboard with pretensive ideas and keeps the film as simple as possible and grounded in a way that's similar to the television show Lost.
The Collapsed isn't a great and entertaining film but it isn't a bad watch at all. I'd say it's more a show piece of the talents of those involved and shows that these guys and gals might be able to create something truly magical given the necessary resources.
February 18, 2013
A post apocalyptic world has struck a family of four. They've gone into survival mode once civilization suddenly collapsed. Other survivors have gone a much different route. For some reason, people have turned into a vicious evil. Not zombies, but instead as a bunch of raving lunatics with guns, willing to kill anyone and take their belongings. It's survival of the fittest in these trying times.

So, the family has been stuck in the city during the apocalypse. They're running out of hiding places from all the crazies lurking about. The father of the group decides they head to Dover's Bend. Supposedly they'll be safe there, but really it's not safe anywhere. You see aside from the savages taking over, there's a strange invisible force that's stalking the family. In one such scene, father and son go walking in the woods until a noise is heard sending both into a panic frenzy of not knowing what it is that surrounds them. The son firing off a shot at whatever it is that's creeping toward him. What could this invisible force be? Does it have anything to do with the collapse of civilization? Or is there some other force at work here that may be more human than supernatural?

The family dynamic slows this film down. The father and son banter plays like an ABC family channel episode. Also there's too much walking and walking and walking. On a plus side though, the soundtrack was great. It brought an intensity to mundane "suspense"-like scenes which were more laughable as was the horrible acting. I did like the direction which kept me involved all the way to it's twist ending. Yes a twist ending. Sometimes they work, but not here. It only made it slightly worse. I would give this film one star, but like I mentioned the soundtrack and direction were top notch. Two stars are good enough.
February 15, 2013
Someone please stop the music !! it's irrelevant
February 7, 2013
A decent ending but pretty corny post-apocalyptic plot left me dead!
½ January 31, 2013
A lone family struggles to survive after an unknown force wipes out most of the population, but they will have more to watch out for in woods than the other crazed remnants of mankind. THE COLLAPSED is a fitting description for Justin McConnell's post-apocalyptic plot that suffers from a confusing lack of identity. It is never certain until the end whether the film is trying to be a zombie movie or a creature feature, or if it is instead just a straight survival horror film in a world turned mad. It makes all of the same missteps as the 2010 remake of THE CRAZIES, pairing an uneventful plot and unintriguing characters together without even providing any gratuitous gore to maintain a feigning interest along the way. John Fantasia does his best as the family's forceful leader, but most of the performances feel like they are just being read to us. Even the visual metaphors are entirely transparent. THE COLLAPSED is an unfortunate miss that doesn't stack up to recent "End of the World" entries like THE DIVIDE, THE CARRIERS, or RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR.
½ January 25, 2013
Lower the bar.
Even for a low but get student film.
½ January 19, 2013
not a stand out from the many end of the world movies that are around, but nothing special at all.
October 29, 2012
Its fine. very contained
September 20, 2012
this movie was no good due to the fact it went off when it became interesting now the writer musta had a writer's block because they never told us what happened I'm curious I guess we'll never know why so I give it 3 thumbs down.......
September 6, 2012
A mi me gusto aunque no tiene buena critica, una familia que esta huyendo de lo que se supone una infección vs invasión (nunca descubres que es) y al final nada de lo que pensaste, es, jaja adoro ese tipo de películas :D
August 23, 2012
The first hour of this movie is a pain to watch because it is slow moving, action-less, and just boring to watch. There really isn't any script going on in the movie, and the camera pans to places that doesn't have anything but trees (pretty much pointless). The only good part was the last 20 minutes, where action finally starts to happen, and a twist ending is revealed. Other than that, the movie is boring, slow paced along with pointless camera movements/focusing. Overall 2/5 stars.
½ August 6, 2012
Do not watch this film!
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