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The Collection Quotes

  • Arkin: Be careful. It's built like a maze, the whole place is rigged.
    Lucello: That's why you're leading us in.

  • Arkin: (After being handed a small flashlight for protection) Are you kidding me?
    Arkin: [after being handed a small flashlight for protection] Are you kidding me?
    Lucello: No.

  • Lucello: He's agreed to take us to the girl.
    Elena's Father: And the police?
    Lucello: They had their chance. What this man deserves is beyond the law.

  • Arkin: What makes you think you'll find him when the cops can't?
    Lucello: Because I'm willing to do the things they won't.

  • The Collector: Are you going to kill me?
    Arkin: No. That'd be too nice.

  • Lucello: Was she alive?
    Arkin: Last time I saw her.

  • Arkin: You better be prepared, man. Bring everything you got. Because if he catches you, he's gonna make you wish you were dead. Not gonna walk in there like this is Sunday dinner, because this is his house, & he will cut your balls off & feed 'em to you.

  • Arkin: If you're gonna find this guy, you gotta start at the beginning.

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