The Comedy Reviews

June 29, 2019
After spending 90 minutes with characters like Swanson and his friends, no one will want to resemble them in any way whatsoever. That alone makes The Comedy a success.
January 19, 2018
A searing study of an aging hipster who encapsulates the misanthropy popular culture's notion of what it means to be funny.
November 25, 2013
As a portrait of a generation that's almost collectively sociopathic, this is frightening. For the right audience it's also damn funny. If I wasn't so emotionally stunted and able to enjoy things unironically I'd say I loved it.
April 1, 2013
An essential portrait of a generation of people laughing so hard that they've forgotten the joke is on them.
January 24, 2013
This is a lacerating portrait of the sort of narcissistic self-loathing that has kept educated, economically comfortable young people from achieving their true potential, from Benjamin Braddock to Hannah Horvath.
January 24, 2013
Champions what it appears to mock and indicts what it appears to glorify.
November 21, 2012
A billion times better than Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie.
November 9, 2012
The Comedy may not aspire to be the portrait of a generation, but it certainly offers a scary dissection of a faux-careless Brooklynite sensibility that threatens to be the undoing of everyone involved.
November 8, 2012
An unconventional, unapologetic comedy that's unbelievably entertaining.
November 8, 2012
Its audience may be self-selective in the extreme, but few films have better articulated the limits of irony as a force field against the world.
November 4, 2012
Tim Heidecker's Swanson does not amuse us in spite of the pity he inspires but because of it.
October 24, 2012
A seemingly sincere movie about a deeply ironic and unfulfilled man as he belongs to a culture - hell, maybe even an entire generation - terrified of sincerity.
June 27, 2012
a challenging film that may ultimately be bulls***, [but] deserves tremendous respect for its clarity of vision.
June 21, 2012
Transgressively brilliant... an itchy critique of entitlement starring avant-garde comedian Tim Heidecker as one of Williamsburg's overprivileged.
June 18, 2012
This is, in effect, "Arthur" meets "Jackass."
January 24, 2012
For a catalog of aggressively stupid, socially deviant male behavior, Rick Alverson's cheekily titled The Comedy is not without a certain subversive intelligence.