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March 15, 2013
Important Note: This film was directed by Harvard wunderkind Roberto Buso-Garcia, who directed the 1999 feature film 'Paging Emma', also filmed in Puerto Rico. Both films are incredibly fast-paced, and both involve you deeply when you inmerse yourself in trying to keep track of what's going on. Late actor Axel Anderson steals both movies with incredibly complex, moving performances. Six stars out of five!
March 11, 2013
The most wonderful film I have ever seen. Trust all these viewers who have given this masterpiece all those high ratings. They are not attempting to stuff the ballot box in favor of the film, like what some people wrote on this marvel-of-cinema's IMDb threads page. No, seriously, they are not. This film will be spoken about for generations to come. If you don't like it, like these so-called critics who have unfairly attempted to smear this gem, especially those "top critics" who have absolutely railed against it, then tough luck. Look at yourself in the mirror and make some changes. Not only should you watch this, you should pay as high an amount of money as available. Splurge. What do you think your hard earned cash is for?
½ March 11, 2013
Saw this in Puerto Rico, it is MST-3000-level terrible. Laughing my butt off becuase after only lasting 1 week in NYC (where it made a whopping $198 total in eight screenings Monday thru Thursday), after eight critic ratings that average 0%, and after a $780 first weekend in L.A. (in 15 screenings, for a dollar average of $52 per screening!), all of a sudden, in like 2 days, 71 people decide to visit this page and rate the movie an average 4.9/5, lol. Looks like the same thing happened in the IMDb, but the weighted average thing seems to be working over there :) If don't have an hour and a half to waste or if you can't watch it for free, stay away at all costs!
February 13, 2013
Creepy and poignant!
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