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The Counselor Quotes

  • Ruth: Thanks. I owe you.
    Counselor: Yes, you do.
    Ruth: How 'bout a blowjob?
    Counselor: You'd still owe me $380.

  • Westray: If your definition of a friend is someone who will die for you, then you don't have any friends.

  • Diamond Dealer: To partake of the stone's endless destiny, is that not the meaning of adornment? To enhance the beauty of the beloved is to acknowledge both her frailty and the nobility of that frailty. At our noblest, we announce to the darkness that we will not be diminished by the brevity of our lives.

  • Counselor: Catfish?

  • Laura: The truth has no temperature.
    Malkina: The truth has no temperature.

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