The Dancer (La danseuse) Reviews

February 21, 2019
[Fuller] was the toast of the Folies Bergères...and an inspiration for Toulouse-Lautrec and the Lumière Brothers, but we see little of this, which seems a missed opportunity to inject vivacity and colour into a rather dull and ploddingly constructed film.
August 6, 2018
While the story of The Dancer and Loïe Fuller is a fascinating one, the story we see onscreen may not be the best representation of the artist's full life.
December 1, 2017
By the end of the performance, she collapses from exhaustion. So may the viewer. It's an awe-inspiring spectacle, and it helps anchor what is too often a somewhat staid biopic.
December 1, 2017
If only Di Giusto more ambitiously broadened her scope, she would have made a fleet-footed tribute for the ages instead of stumbling over such rich possibilities.
December 1, 2017
Uses much creative licence in retelling Fuller's life.
November 30, 2017
"The Dancer" seems genuinely hostile to its subject, whose real-life accomplishments deserve better.
November 29, 2017
Evasions of fact render the project suspect, but the chance to observe Fuller's genius realized onstage almost redeems it.
November 26, 2017
Like Loe Fuller's serpentine dance, the film is structured on repetition: spinning and spinning but never actually taking us nowhere.
October 2, 2017
The Dancer's screenplay - based on the novel by Giovanni Lista - is positively clumsy.
November 15, 2016
A film that has an enormous narrative clumsiness that distances the viewer at all times. [Full review in Spanish]
May 14, 2016
Ground-breaking dance innovator Loe Fuller gets a near-complete fictional overhaul in this unnecessary, formulaic biopic.
May 13, 2016
An airy, prettily accoutered but essentially vapid feature debut for writer-director Stephanie De Giusto.