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Christopher Nolan's latest exploration of the Batman mythology steeps its muddled plot in so much murk that the Joker's maniacal nihilism comes to seem like a recurrent grace note.

July 18, 2008 Full Review Source: Wall Street Journal | Comments (451)
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David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez


Jul 18 - 05:40 AM

Diego Tutweiller

Diego Hard With a Vengeance

Love it.

Jul 20 - 03:04 PM

James Greer

James Greer

i cant stand when other people try to be an ass to people who just are giving what they think about the movie. Total jerkoffs

Jul 25 - 04:05 PM

Diego Tutweiller

Diego Hard With a Vengeance

Thank you, James! You can't call a review 'terrible' any more than you can call a work of art 'boring'. If you don't get it, it's not for you.

Aug 11 - 06:39 PM

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Michael Long

Michael Long

Who are you to critique someone else's review? Are you a professional film reviewer?

Aug 27 - 12:49 AM

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Alex A

Alex A

Oh god no.....not a negative review....omg the world is going to end! Someone doesn't worship Nolan's Batman movies like I do! (I love sarcasm)

Aug 7 - 02:17 AM

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Anthony Pelc

Anthony Pelc

Did you just call The Goodfellas boring?

Young one, I believe you may be cinematically challenged.

May 11 - 01:41 AM


Steven Tuttle

The guy does write for the Wall Street Journal, not exactly known for its entertainment section, ya know. Take it with a grain of salt. Besides he liked Meet Dave and Zohan so its obvious he wasn't hired for his ability to tell good from bad.
Why, exactly, does the Wall Street Journal constitute a top critic anyway?

Jul 18 - 09:44 AM


Jason May

He's an elitist who suffers from an inferiority complex that shows up most when the masses can appreciate a movie as much as he can.

Jul 25 - 06:06 AM


Andre Yoskowitz

that review would be valid if today was opposite day...however it is im sorry joe but u are just...wrong

Jul 18 - 09:46 AM


sal khan

Another NY critic, another rotten review. Sigh. These 'tards will do everything in their power to bash TDK and bring down its hype and score.

Jul 18 - 09:47 AM

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Adrean Farrugia

your comment makes you look like an unintelligent fool. How old are you? 11?

Aug 21 - 09:38 PM

Bobby J.

Bobby Jay

That was kinda mean but true.

Jun 2 - 01:39 PM


Say My Name

this guy actually has pretty good tastes... guess he just wanted to be a huge turd and dump on the dark knight unjustly.

Jul 18 - 09:47 AM


Vaggelis Kapartzianis

"During the first few minutes of Mamma Mia! I resisted the bombardment of good cheer, then surrendered almost unconditionally."

This tells you all you need to know about this reviewer's "taste".

Jul 18 - 09:51 AM


Say My Name

well besides that. he liked iron man and ****, how can you not like the dark knight which is way better?

Jul 18 - 09:58 AM


Pedro Hernandez

He liked Mama Mia but not The Dark Knight.

I think his review gave me diabetes.

Jul 18 - 03:03 PM

Jayson Montgomery

Jayson Montgomery


Jul 18 - 12:33 AM

Mario Maldonado

Mario Maldonado

He also liked Twilight: Eclipse? lol whut?

Jul 24 - 11:38 PM

Chronos Number 13

Butters Shoe

It's probably because he thought it was scary.

Jul 18 - 08:25 PM


First Last

cheaplog nailed it! Here's guessing Joseph thoroughly enjoyed Nell, disliked Braveheart, raved about Beaches and thumbed his nose at Tombstone.

My kind of 'man'!

Jul 26 - 12:38 PM


Dave C

are you sure hes a man?? i think josephine is a lesbian

Jul 27 - 02:17 PM

Benjamin L.

Benjamin Lee

Sir, Did your wife take your balls when you got married to her? Honestly. Can you not see talent if it went up your *** and out your mouth?

Dec 9 - 08:21 PM

The Critic

Critic !

I agree with you Joe. I enjoyed TDK, it was a good movie, but it was intense and dark, not too many high notes if you will.

In regard to the fanboi's comments I'm replying to, cheaplog ("cheap" because I wouldn't pay a penny for them), have you seen Mamma Mia!? Unlike TDK, when I left the theater after seeing Mamma Mia!, I left happier than when I went in. That's exactly the opposite of what Joe said regarding TDK, learn to see reoccurring themes, neanderthal.

Dec 28 - 10:38 PM


Tony Pritchard

wow, that's about the most pompous thing i've ever heard.

Jul 18 - 09:48 AM

Michael Scott

Michael Openheimer

DAmn it there are only 3 top critic rottens...

Rotten Tomatoes fix this crap!!!!!!

Jul 18 - 09:49 AM


Kerry O'Sullivan

what is it with you? does your hard-on coincide with the tomatometer for this movie? go play everquest or something.

Jul 18 - 09:57 AM

Butterscotch Stallion

Greg Osborn

Damn it, now we need 33,000 fresh reviews to get it above 99.5 %. Now I can't enjoy the movie!!

Jul 18 - 09:59 AM


Scott Sokol

Don't these idiots realize that Batman is SUPPOSED to be dark, gothic and terrifying?!?!
I mean, we're not talking Sunny-Superman here.

Jul 18 - 10:01 AM

Brandon Johnsen

Brandon Johnsen

No? I agree with you that this reviewer is silly, but original batman comics and TV shows were about the goofiest things you could see. He became dark later, but Batman is definitely not, "supposed" to be anything.

Jul 20 - 12:40 AM

Master Gandhi

Adam Smith

I agree with Dragon. Wall Street Journal writers are business and news writers, hardly entertainment writers. He [probably never even watched this movie, he was just checking stocks on his Blackberry the whole time. Waste of a perfectly good ticket... and a review of a completly awesome movie.

Jul 18 - 10:02 AM

Master Gandhi

Adam Smith

And Heath Ledger redeemed himself of being a gay cowboy. His performance was probably his finest. Obviously Joe didnt recognize this... too bad...

Jul 18 - 10:05 AM

Jack Sommersby

Jack Sommersby

Once again, myopic-minded fools trash a critic without bothering to refute their review point by point. Instead, they cry and moan and act as intellectually as a 3-year-old. What morons.

Jul 18 - 11:55 AM


michael breshears

The film is great, this review is ridiculous, and all the homophobic bigotry in the commentary here is idiotic. What, are you twelve?

"redeemed himself for playing a gay cowboy". What crap.

Jul 18 - 02:52 PM


Ryan Long

"And Heath Ledger redeemed himself of being a gay cowboy..."

Redeemed himself? He was amazing in Brokeback Mountain and won several well-deserved rewards for it.

It's really pathetic that some of you morons can't find a more creative way to express yourselves without resorting to homophobia. How old are you anyway? Six? Seven years old?

You're embarassing yourselves.

Jul 18 - 04:48 PM


Ben L

Joe clearly likes Ledgers performance, as you can read in even THE FREAKING HEADLINE. Imbecile.

Aug 18 - 10:30 AM


Olivia Prongrer

Master Ghandi,

Did you even read the review? He didn't like the movie, he never said anything bad about Heath Ledger if you read the review.

Nov 20 - 02:54 PM


Christopher Carranza

Wow, truly a disgrace to the world of critics. I guess its just sometimes peoples prerogatives to go against the grain. Makes sense though, considering this critic is from The Wall Street Journal.

Jul 18 - 10:05 AM

Master Gandhi

Adam Smith

And Heath Ledger redeemed himself of being a gay cowboy. His performance was probably his finest. Obviously Joe didnt recognize this... too bad...

Jul 18 - 10:06 AM


Rob Beste

He didn't "redeem himself" from being a gay cowboy.

He outdid himself.

High praise indeed.

Jul 18 - 11:13 AM

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