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½ September 23, 2017
The Dark Knight gets off to an incredibly strong start and benefits from one of the greatest supporting performances in film history from Heath Ledger as The Joker. Gyllenhaal, Eckhart, and Oldman all give strong performances that breathe life into the film. Unfortunately, Bale's performance as Batman is somewhat forgettable, and all of the film's energy crumbles in the third act, followed up by one of the dumbest decisions in history. (Couldn't they have blamed the deaths caused by Dent on The Joker?) However, the film is dark, atmospheric, and engaging for the majority of its runtime, although it isn't the masterpiece people claim it to be, and isn't as good as Unbreakable.
September 22, 2017
One of the best comic book movies of all time!
September 21, 2017
Arguably the best depiction of the greater good in modern film history.
September 21, 2017
Sometimes a filmmaker's vision can be so good that it lets a superhero movie spread its wings and surpass its genre. Christopher Nolan does an amazing job with his batman trilogy and transforms this story into something so energetic and real in its entirety. Heath Ledger will not be forgotten as he plays the best Joker we could ask for here.
½ September 20, 2017
I did see it and did not recall much of it. It was forgettable then. It is some saga but one that I would rather forget I suppose. Like when I was bullied, when I was attacked, when I almost died, etc. I'm not sure the film depicts psychopathy very well either. The joker is much too despicable to be able to have so many henchmen working for him. I don't know many henchmen that would stand up for someone that keep killing his henchmen so casually. So, they are way off in spite of very good effects.
September 19, 2017
Great movie! Batman film Ever!
September 19, 2017
The best movie in the trilogy, and is right up there with my top 3 favorite films.
September 17, 2017
Where Batman Begins revived the franchise, The Dark Knight perfected it. A stellar cast, improved action, and the best villain in the history of comic book movies all come together to make one of the best superhero movies in history which, in my opinion, is second only to Logan. Christian Bale delivers another phenomenal performance as the titular hero, Gary Oldman is perfect as Commissioner Gordon, and Aaron Eckhart delivers one of his best performances as Harvey Dent. Then there's the Joker. Heath Ledger gives one of the best performances in the history of cinema. His interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime greatly surpasses Jack Nicholson's legendary turn as the same character. Every single scene he's in is made better because of it. The best part of The Dark Knight is that if someone besides Ledger had been cast as The Joker, the film's quality would barely go down, and it would still be one of the best superhero movies ever, just maybe not #2. Regardless, this film will undoubtedly go down in history if it hasn't already.
September 17, 2017
The Dark knight is back and now it starts to get more creepy and more dark because Batman must take on Joker! So the Joker played by Heath ledger was the best Joker! He was creepy, funny, scary. I must say Heath ledger is better than Jack Nicholson as joker. I'm a Batman fan
September 16, 2017
On a personal note, this is one of my favorite films of all time. The character motivation that drives this story from every single character who has a piece of dialogue just enhances the themes present in the genius script and the direction and cinematography that drives this story to reality is enthralling. It's hard to focus on the performances of all the characters, especially Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman because they are all so good but the one that will obviously stick out to all is Heath Ledger bringing one of the most well written villains in cinematic history to the screen with one of the biggest transformations for a performance. Absolutely incredible film.
½ September 16, 2017
It's difficult to discuss The Dark Knight without bringing up the traits that hail it as one of "the greatest superhero movies."
Heath Ledger's performance. Hans Zimmer's score. The mass of awesome moments. It may not reach perfection, but wow does it come close!
(Favorite moment)- Joker's interrogation
September 11, 2017
Can I even say anything about this movie that hasn't been said already? "The Dark Knight" is one of the best movies ever made ... period. Thanks to Christopher Nolan's visionary directing style and unforgettable ambiguos questions and discussion about the human condition, its values and moral codes, this movie has everything a super-hero movies should offer, not just the action scenes and CGI. All the last and new members of the cast are great, but Heath Ledger made this film what he was. His performance as The Joker is monumental and it deserves to be considered as one of the best comic book character portrayals ever and one of the best acting performances ever wacthed. This movie is required for everyone!
September 10, 2017
Almost ten years after its release, The Dark Knight remains the gold standard for superhero movies.
September 10, 2017
Christopher Nolan has again made batman film honouring the character and put a strong Legacy on this franchise. with great visual looking film and fantastic acting all round.
September 9, 2017
Zero stars. One of the most overrated movies of all time and proof that human beings are dumb sheep. Heath Ledger wasn't scary or menacing at all. People just felt bad because he died young so they overreacted by giving him an Academy Award. Christian Bale's acting was wooden. Chris Nolan cannot film a good action sequence at all. Everything in this movie sucked -- literally everything. Batman fans often say that Batman can beat any super villain or hero if he has time to prepare, but they should consider that he had the whole damn movie to prepare for Joker and Two Face, two non-super-powered villains, and they make him out to be a total chump. Additionally, this movie ends with Batman running for his life from a couple of mere dogs. How can Batman beat any super villain or super hero when he can't even handle a couple of canines? Batman is just weak and dumb in this horrible movie. Should've named the movie "The Weak, Dumb Knight".
September 8, 2017
You wanna how I got these scars?
September 7, 2017
The Dark Knight is in many ways, unforgettable, with its great performances and action, it definitely transcends its usual genre and becoming a great film itself.
½ September 7, 2017
saw it 3 times when it came out
½ September 5, 2017
It wasn't exactly Marvel Comics but I liked the acting. It's more enjoyable when they don't make fun of it. They set up some very good scenes.
½ September 3, 2017
I somewhat enjoyed the movie, but still find it funny that the villain was better than the hero. At some point, I was rooting for the Joker to put Batman on his ass, lol The only reason why I gave this mediocre film 4 stars is because of Michael Caine (1 star), Aaron Eckhart (1 star) and Heath Ledger (2 stars).
After seeing this movie again, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. This big pile of turd deserves 1/2 star, and barely, on Heath Ledger alone. But everything else, especially the lack of coherency and major plot holes, is simply atrocious.
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