The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

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Shot in naturalistic style, this is a powerful indictment of absurdity and indifference in the face of human suffering.



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One evening, Mr. Lazarescu, who lives alone, feels a bit dizzy. He finally ends up being driven away in an ambulance, which is the start of a tragicomic odyssey. Each doctor who examines him arrives at an entirely different diagnosis, and his emergency treatment is incessantly postponed. The physicians are deaf to the entreaties of the patient and his friends, and they are devoid of sympathy for the elderly Mr. Lazarescu as he again plunges into the Bucharest night.

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Ion Fiscuteanu
as Mr. Lazarescu
Luminita Gheorghiu
as Mioara Avram
Doru Ana
as Sandu Sterian
Dana Dogaru
as Miki Sterian
Florin Zamfirescu
as Dr. Ardelean
Bogdan Dumitrache
as Medic at Spitalul Sf Spiridon
Dan Chiriac
as Trial Medic at Spitalul University
Simona Popescu
as Assistant at Spitalul Bagdasar
Clara Voda
as Dr. Gina Flip
Adrian Titieni
as Dr. Dragos Popescu
Mihai Bratila
as Dr. Breslasu
Dorian Boguta
as Ambulance Driver
Laura Cret
as Echograph Medic at Spitalul Sf Spiridon
Mimi Branescu
as Dr. Mirica
Alexandru Fifeu
as Virgil, Stretcher Carrier, Spitalul Sf Spiridon
Rodica Lazar
as Dr. Serban
Florina Alina Gleznea
as Assistant at Spitalul Sf Spiridon
Mirela Cioaba
as Marioara
Tidor Hristescu
as Doctor Kelemen
Rodica Ionescu
as Assistant at Spitalul Universitar
Cerasela Iosifescu
as Assistant at Assistant at Spitalul Filaret
Irina Kozsar
as Assistant at Spitalul Universitar
Calin Adrian Puiu
as Stretcher Carrier at Spitalul Bagdasar
Anca Puiu
as Vecina
Emil Puiu
as DL Sandu
Iuliana Puiu
as Dna Sandu
Smaranda Puiu
as Smarandu
Jean Lorin Sterian
as Medic at Spitalul Universitar
Marian Stoica
as Patient of Spitalul Sf Spiridon
Maria Serb
as Assistant at Spitalul Bagdasar
Andrei Serban
as Stretcher Carrier at Spital of SF Spiridon
Cristian Turungiu Ionel Zaharia
as Stretcher Carrier, Spitalul Universitars
Lorena-Andrada Zabrautanu
as Assistant at Spitalul Universitar
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Audience Reviews for The Death of Mr. Lazarescu

  • Oct 19, 2015
    A suffocating and emotionally stressful drama/social commentary that, made with a gripping naturalistic approach, impressed me most with the way it shows how people can be cruel and indifferent to human suffering only to display in the next moment a surprising amount of compassion.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 17, 2011
    this is a good film, but the humor is so dark that you won't find yourself laughing. the cinema verite styling works well with the content, adding to the existential questions raised within the film. if you can't bear hospitals and imminent death, do not attempt to watch this movie.
    Stefanie C Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2008
    This film was hard to get through. It was so depressing, I had to watch it in two parts. How any one could call this a comedy is beyond me. Perhaps it is because I have had to deal with the horrible medical insurance in the States. I could Identify with being turned away from hospitals. I didn't find it interesting this the is the most depressing film I have ever seen in my entire life.
    Marion R Super Reviewer
  • Feb 26, 2008
    I always wanted to see this film, which is said to have kicked off the ?Romanian New Wave? but I?ve got to say, this was a real challenge to get through. This is one of those movie?s whose overall goal was to actively unpleasant for 153 minutes, and I basically watched it in three chunks. The movie is deliberately shot in the most amateur looking vérité style imaginable with really realistically dark lighting, and it sort of gave me a headache. But? about an hour and a half in the whole thing finally started to make sense to me. The film?s message started to click and its style started to finally make sense to me. This is a good movie, but it?s hard for me to love something that?s an active challenge to watch. The fact that the film?s subtitles were in a bizarre font of blue surrounded by white outlines didn?t help, it was hard to read, distracting and added to the headache inducing nature of it all.
    MJS M Super Reviewer

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