The Decoy Bride Reviews

August 30, 2012
A wretched script and sloppy premise is saved from cinema hell by a charming pair of leads, but still, The Decoy Bride fails to raise anything more than a chuckle.
March 16, 2012
Instead of working to clarify its high-concept contrivances, the romantic comedy "The Decoy Bride" jettisons logic and detail for silly-quirky rompiness.
March 15, 2012
A woefully pedestrian effort, meant for background noise at a bridal shop, not a feature film that requires the purchase of a ticket.
March 12, 2012
Possibly the worst thing ever in world history.
March 11, 2012
It should have been called "I Know Where I'm Gurning".
March 9, 2012
A bland romantic comedy in the Richard Curtis style, The Decoy Bride is mainly notable for its proof, if any was needed after Boardwalk Empire, that Kelly Macdonald is a major talent.
March 9, 2012
The Scottish landscapes offer about the only highlight.
March 9, 2012
A romcom you almost feel sorry for, like a wedding where half the guests drown.
March 8, 2012
The cast has charm, and some of lines raise a chuckle, but the story lacks pace, plausibility and surprise.
March 8, 2012
Writer Sally Phillips throws in the odd sharp line (love-shy Katie describes herself as 'a man-vegan') but the clumsily contrived plot and a lack of spark between McDonald (engaging) and Tennant (surprisingly under-par) throw the film fatally off course.
March 8, 2012
Folkson's feature debut owes much to It Happened One Night and the Ealing comedies, but without doing justice to either.
March 8, 2012
It seems to agree with its gossip journalists that celebrities are an exotic alien species placed on earth to be gawked at, waited on by personal entourages, and mocked behind their backs for their odd enthusiasms and incomprehensible emotions.
March 7, 2012
Disappointing British romcom that fails to provide either romance or comedy, thanks to a patchy script, some awkward direction and a painful lack of chemistry between the embarrassed-looking leads.
March 6, 2012
In a script so heavily cut it could be a paper doily, what's left is vaguely cute, rather predictable and wholly insubstantial.
March 6, 2012
Pernicious tripe suitable only for masochists and the intellectually disabled...
March 6, 2012
The result is less a film, more a bland Britcom box-ticking exercise.
February 27, 2012
Predictable, plodding and paltry, Folkson's film looks cheap and like the mock wedding, nothing in it - especially the emotions - feels real, with the quality cast looking understandably disinterested.