The Devil's Doorway Reviews

July 19, 2018
Aislinn Clarke's confident and sinister debut...[is] more concerned with her three principal characters and their twisting moral ambiguities than it is in unleashing a bunch of nonsensical cheap scares.
July 12, 2018
Two strong leads, the doubting priest Lalor Roddy and the Nurse Ratchet-like Mother Superior played with gusto by Helena Bereen, help distinguish this Exorcist update and mark Clarke as a talent to watch.
July 12, 2018
Despite its brief running time, the movie feels dragged out; like the priests, it will eventually lose its way.
July 12, 2018
"The Devil's Doorway" can't overcome the clichs of either the found-footage format or the "Satan is real!" sub-genre.
July 9, 2018
All the well-crafted effort has unfortunately been expended on a tired and overly familiar story that never registers as anything more than a compendium of horror film clichs.