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The first of two feature-length television sequels that continue the saga of the 1967 original, this outing finds two individuals (Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine) forced to lead a suicide mission behind enemy lines. This time, they head into Germany to thwart an unbelievable plot to assassinate Hitler.
Action & Adventure , Drama
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MGM Home Entertainment


Lee Marvin
as Maj. John Reisman
Ernest Borgnine
as Gen. Sam Worden
Richard Jaeckel
as MP Sgt. Bowren
Ken Wahl
as Louis Valentine
Larry Wilcox
as Tommy Wells
Sonny Landham
as Sam Sixkiller
Wolf Kahler
as Sepp Dietrich
Gavan O'Herlihy
as Conrad Perkins
Ricco Ross
as Arlen Driggers
Stephen Hattersley
as Otto Deutsch
Rolf Saxon
as Robert Wright
Jay Benedict
as Didier LeClair
Paul Herzberg
as Reynolds
Jeff Harding
as Sanders
Sam Douglas
as Anderson
Russell Sommers
as Gary Rosen
Michael Sheard
as Adolf Hitler
Bruce Boa
as Colonel
John Malcolm
as Field Marshal
William Morgan Sheppard
as German General
Dennis Holmes
as Gen. Pierre Fontaine
Alan Barry
as Gen. Bulldog Bardsley
Don Fellows
as Gen. Trent Tucker
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Not only is the sequel a virtual repeat of the original, Marvin and Borgnine by this time were getting much too old for their roles.

Full Review… | May 19, 2006
Movie Metropolis

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Falls into all the pitfalls, traps and land mines of "Made for TV" movies, with all the film shot to fit . . . the allotted broadcast airtime for it. Suffer from obvious lack of budget, cheesy on the cheap special effects, and over the top melodramatic dialog. Furthermore, whoever their military adviser was completely failed, if they even had one. Starts out at the courts-martial scene in the beginning: no such thing as secret ballot on a courts-martial panel and citing conviction of crimes specified within various punitive articles in the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice). The UCMJ didn't even exist until 31 May 1951 when it replaced the Articles of War that had been used since 1775, the last version of which had been enacted by Congress in 1920. During WWII, the trials, convictions and sentences would have been under the Articles of War. In addition, officer insignia is incorrectly positioned on their Class A uniforms, albeit someone was savvy enough to not have generals wearing branch insignia (a common uniform error). Watch the original theatrical film, not this "Made for TV" (and TV ratings sweeps) tripe. It's much, much, much better.

John Lind
John Lind

A made for televeision sequel to the solid original The Dirty Dozen, this film is a shadow of the former. basically just a rehashing that has been stripped of most of the originality that the first contained.

Chris Browning
Chris Browning

Super Reviewer


The testosterone fueled 1967 World War II classic "The Dirty Dozen" is one of my all time favorite movies, not only as a "men on a mission" war film but just as an overall film in general. It had all a man could want in a chest bulging film with dream cast lead by the ever reliable Lee Marvin. Though the film was a huge success it's still hard to imagine that filmmakers 20 years later decided to make a sequel. It just seems far too long to make a follow-up not to mention it's give the ultimate preconceived death of being 'made-for-TV". Not only did they wait twenty freaking years, they made it for freaking TV guaranteeing this long-awaited sequel is going to DOA. Due to its TV made nature I actually refused to watch it for years but finally decided to go into it free of expectations and you know what, for a TV movie, it actually wasn't all that bad. Despite the extra wrinkles and weight around our returning characters faces and waists, the plot of this decades year later sequel takes place not lot long after the original with Lee Marvin in trouble again. Ernest Borgnine gives Marvin another deal... if he takes in another Dirty Dozen behind enemy lines to complete a nearly impossible mission, the prisoners along with him get their criminal records wiped free. Lee Marvin, despite his age, is still as tough as ever but his appearance does bring some unintentional laughs when watched back-to-back with the first film. This war has seriously taken its toll on him as he looks like he's aged twenty years (considering the plot only takes place shortly after the first film)! Borgnine has packed on a few pounds and his character has mellowed a bit. Richard Jaekel also makes an appearance rounding out our three original actors to return. The rest of the cast is made of some real likeable character actors. What's great about this sequel is playing 'spot the actor' as you recognize nearly all of the dirty dozen from other films, such as Sonny Landham ("Predator", "48 Hrs"), Ken Wahl ("Wiseguy", "The Soldier"), Gavan O'Herlihy ("Death Wish 3", "Never Say Never Again"), among others. The secondary cast is all well picked to ensure the film will be likeable from an actor standpoint. Director Andrew V. McLaglen is a veteran of many theatrical mediocre action films and he does what he can with the limited resources of a TV-made-production but it still has a rather hallow look about it. He still manages to craft some good action sequences which was a surprise. What he can't save is the rather hum-drum script about assassinating an assassin to kill Hitler (don't ask). The film lacks the character development and theatrical look of the original, but all that aside this actually isn't a horrible made-for-TV sequel. Just make sure you remember that it's 'made-for-TV' or else you will be tremendously disappointed but it kept my attention for its hour and a half running time, a definite feat for a TV made movie. I still wish there would have been enough interest to make this a theatrical feature as I would have loved to rejoin the Dirty Dozen for another big budget epic but alas that never happened. "Dirty Dozen 2" did draw enough viewers on TV that two more sequels would follow: "Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission" and "The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission". This sequel can be found as a bonus feature on the 2 Disc Special Edition DVD release of the original film, stuck on the second disc, treated as if it's some dirty little secret. Dig it out, it's worth a watch at least one time.

Eric Reifschneider
Eric Reifschneider

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