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November 19, 2015
Not compelling enough to recommend, but interesting enjoy to enjoy if you can appreciate the film as visual poetry.
½ June 7, 2015
row row row ur boat the movie follows a group of sailors tryin to make it back to civilization. one succumbs to infection from a cut in his arm, the others keep on trekking only to seemingly come to the conclusion there is no hope and they row off into the fog
September 9, 2014
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(2012) The Disappeared

Entire movie taking place on a couple of row boats with paddles, three men on each boat tied to one another as viewers have to endure a whole hour and an a half of them arguing without a compass, and no food rationing as they're struggling to be found. Boring as heck, and to be honest left myself with more questions than answers, such as the time it happened.

"The surviving crew of a sunken fishing boat avoids a watery death in the North Atlantic by escaping in a pair of barges, and attempts to row for shore while battling hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and injury" RT

1 star out of 4
August 22, 2014
The movie was impossibly slow, with no plot. The writer obviously had no knowledge of sailing, which made every action of the crew mates stupid; from fighting the current when they rowed, to eating pineapple, getting drunk every night with no water supply, throwing bloody birds off the side of the side of their row boats. Their conversations rarely made sense.
The movie started off in the middle of the ocean not bothering to show you their bonds, only the deteriation of them; and the end of the movie was them still rowing and then the screen fading black (not the most conclusive ending).
All in all a total waste of 87mins and neither my mother not I would recommend this movie to our worst enemy.
August 12, 2014
A really great, quiet, subtle little Canadian film which won awards across the country. Emotional and thought provoking. A tribute to those lost and found at sea.
½ March 30, 2014
Ok movie, slow to start but got better as it went along.
January 2, 2014
Well acted, riveting tale of six fishermen lost at sea. Little Canadian flick shot off Lunenberg, NS. Nothing happens in this short film but nothing has to. Would have given this a fourth star but I hated the ending although I guess it fits with the story.
November 11, 2013
The will to survive is breathtaking. Usually seen in war movies the will upon these men to survive is quite visual. well done
October 22, 2013
First off - This is a film that you should see. If you live in Toronto, it looks like it's coming out in theatres on November 1st at the Carlton Cinema.

I had a film in the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France, and while there I was invited to come and see The Disappeared. I didn't know anything about the film going in, and I want anyone reading here to have the same experience, so I won't give anything away about the plot other than what is obvious from the poster :) 6 men, shipwrecked hundreds of miles from land in the North Atlantic, and trying to survive in 2 lifeboats on dwindling rations.

The power of this film is in its subtleties. Each of the 6 men have their own lives, hopes, and demons that they bring into the lifeboats. Some of those are in harmony with those of the other men...and some are not. Because the characters (and the camera) are bound to the lifeboats and the lifeboats alone, the film is persistently intense and focused. The imagery alone is haunting enough, but as time passes and the tension of the film increases, it becomes riveting. You want to look away, but you can't. By the end of the film, you feel as though you are in the boat with them.

Go see it!
October 20, 2013
Absolutely wonderful movie.

It's important not to go into it expecting flashy, fast-paced action like you see in a lot of oceanic survival movies. This movie exists to tell a story. The story of six men who represent every man lost at sea, fishing or not. Anyone who has any connection to the sea, whether it's through a family member, a friend or a childhood home needs to see this movie.

It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy movies like this. It does not distract from the story with clear obstacles, high-budgeted effects or any unnecessary information. Despite that, it's far from lifeless. Shandi Mitchell captured a terrifying realism in her depictions of the open water and the characters surviving on top of it.

The Disappeared takes you into a different head space, giving you plenty of time to pause and think. Like the characters, you are left reflecting on what is happening, and what that means for the future. The performances of the actors leave nothing left to be wanted, and Shawn Doyle took home the ACTRA award to prove it.

Remove yourself from the space of Hollywood jumble. Let The Disappeared show you a real and awe-inspiring story that you can never forget.
May 1, 2013
OK, it was good. But not as exciting as the trailer makes it out to be. At times it really did lag, and nothing really happened. I chuckled a lot, but thought more story line needed to be uncovered.
April 30, 2013
Every now and again, a film surprises you. The Disappeared does this.

This is a very good movie. It is realistic to a fault and anyone familiar with the East Coast and the life of seafarers will be awestruck.

The unfolding saga of six fishermen from a lost schooner takes place in two dories.
The challenges, both physical and mental are spellbinding; from weather, thirst, hunger, fatigue, the disheartening feeling of being totally lost in an endless ocean⦠this is a breathtaking film.

The relationships between the six men run through a roller coaster of raw emotions; camaraderie, loyalty, friendship⦠the characters are phenomenally well portrayed.

This film just nails it. Strikingly realistic and one of the most intriguing endings I've ever seen.
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